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  1. Yeah Im using KDE Plasma on Kubuntu. I noticed the message popping up about browser tracking but I didnt associate it with the terminal window. Was very annoying. Im wondering whether its the same issue causing special characters, CTRL +, to not show up in VNC. Its bugging the hell out of me as I cant access a VM via VNC from another VM. Its onlya recent development but Im yet to track down why its doing it.
  2. What was the problem you were experiencing? I generally use Firefox and noted that I cant see any text when I open the terminal window from the menu bar. There is text there because when I do CTRL+A CTRL+C I can paste into a text document. Is that the problem you're having? If so where did you make the change to get it to work?
  3. I get the error regardless of whether I have plugins operating at boot. Initially I thought it was plugins as my system would boot fine but if I added plugin it wouldnt. Later I worked out that if I did a fresh install it would boot once, if I rebooted it wouldnt work. It seemed to me that when the boot completed it changed soemthing in the O/S. This change caused the error to manifest on a reboot. I did a fresh install of 6.8.1, booted and then rebooted immediately having not changed anything and the problem arose. At the moment I get the error 100% of the time. I also have an LSI SATA Controller. Today I am going to reimage back to 6.8.0 and see if I get the error. If I dont Ill remain on that version.
  4. I tried going back to the last stable version, 6.7.2, but the config files from 6.8.1 dont seem to work with it. It finishes the boot sequence but after displaying the server IP it shows an error for something related to login. I have been looking for a copy of 6.8.0 online but as yet have not found one. Lesson learnt not to update to the latest version, stay one version behind.
  5. I have reimaged again, copied over the same files as listed above. This time I ran the diagnostics for you. They are attached. I rebooted and the system fails at the modprobe error again. Hopefully the file dump is helpfull. tower-diagnostics-20200123-1329.zip
  6. OK. So I have been doing some testing. I re-imaged my original USB with the latest version, 6.8.1 I then copied across the following files from my backup: - Plus.key to config - config/super.dat to config - config/disk.cfg to config - config/share.cfg to config - config/shares/ to config - config/passwd.cfg to config - config/shadow.cfg to config - config/smbpasswd to config - syslinux/syslinux.cfg to syslinux I then booted the O/S. It booted successfully and I was able to login to the UI from a laptop. I then shutdown the O/S from the Main tab. After a minute or so I rebooted. The O/S halted with the modprobe error. I have attached three pictures I took when the O/S was booting. I am not a programmer/software engineer so forgive my logic. Most often the O/S stops at the modprobe line. However, occasionally it seems to progress but halts soon after. Usually at different spots. It seems to be processing something in relation to bluetooth.
  7. Hello Jon, thankyou for your reply. I cannot access the UI currently, as a result I cannot access Tools-Diagnostics. When the O/S boots its not completing to the logon prompt. I downloaded a fresh copy of the USB creator from the website. I utilised a fresh USB to make an image, booted and confirmed the O/S loads and I can access its UI from another device. I copied the config folder from my existing USB, the one which gets the modprobe error, across to the new USB. I booted this USB but it stops at the modprobe error. I re-flashed it and I was able to boot with a bare O/S. I followed the instructions on the wiki about copying files over from the old USB to a new. I was able to determine that something in the plugins folder was causing the error. If I didnt copy this folder the O/S booted ok. When I copied it I kept getting the modprobe error. I decided to re-image by original USB and copy over only necessary files, disk allocations, password related files, and shares. This worked and I was able to boot the O/S and login. I deleted my docker image. I added a number of plugins, community application, the dynmix ones, unbalance and such. The only docker container I added was binhex's plex pass. Everything was working fine. This morning, before attempting to build the system back up, I did a reboot from the U/I. The system has not rebooted, its stuck once again with the line: /etc/rc.d/rc.M: line 164: 2381 Killed modprobe - r $DRIVERS At this stage, considering the O/S hasnt booted successfully, I can only do a hard reboot from the case switch. The O/S will not reboot successfully on any of the options on the boot menu. I can copy files from the USB if that helps but obviously I cannot gain access to the UI. I tried to follow the instructions about changing the USB here https://wiki.unraid.net/UnRAID_6/Changing_The_Flash_Device but the replace key box is greyed out and is not selectable. I would appreciate any advice. you could provide. My system was working fine under 6.8.0 and had been rebooted with no problems. Unfortunately I do not have a copy of 6.8.0 to go back to.
  8. I have downloaded the USB creation tool from the website and created a new USB. This works, it does not report the modprobe error, and I can access the UI. I copied the config folder from my USB backup to the new USB. When I reboot I get the modprobe error. So I assume that means there is a problem in my existing configuration that occurred as a result of the 6.8.1 upgrade. When I re-image the USB it is once again usable. It would appear that something in my existing configuration is not compatible with version 6.8.1. I dont know how to proceed. I have created a new USB, confirmed it works, and copied over the reevant files as indicated here https://wiki.unraid.net/Files_on_v6_boot_drive I have not put this USB into the system as I am not confident that I wont loose my data. Whilst I do have backups of critical materials I have a lot invested in my config.
  9. Not that I am aware. As I posted previously I developed the modprobe error after upgrading to 6.8.1. I followed Limetech's suggestion to rename the network-rules.cfg file and reboot. It didnt work. So I replaced the three bz files with those from a fresh download. My server has started but I cant access the UI. So what should I do now?
  10. Could someone please offer some advice about how I gain access to my server's UI? Its running, I can access shared drives as well as some Docker containers but I cannot access the Main Page, Plugins, or VMs page. Browsers keep telling me the page is not available.
  11. I also have a Threadripper CPU. A 2950X. I wonder if the problem is related to Threadripper CPUs?
  12. I was able to downgrade to the last previous stable version however it didnt work, I was not able to log in. I downloaded another copy of 6.8.1 and copied over bzroot, bzimage, and bzgui. The server has started but I cannot access its web interface. The server is running as I can access my windows shares as well as access the Plex server from various clients. I cannot access the servers IP address at Nor can I access /Plugins, /VMs, /Dashboard and such. I can access various Docker containers on their respective ports. Any ideas on how I access the UI?
  13. The error: /etc/rc.d/rc.M: line 164: 2426 Killed modprobe -r $DRIVERS has returned. I was able to get back into my system by reverting to a previous version of unRAID then upgrading to the latest version. Today I experienced a power outage and when I restart I am back to the same error. I dont want to keep reverting to previous versions to get going again. What is the problem and how can it be fixed? Edit: I have noted that each time I try to restart the system the number following "...line 164: " changes. One time 2433, then 2523. Never seems to show the same number. I have tried restarting in GUI mode, safe mode 9no plugins, no GUI), and Safe Mode (no plugins). Same error, different number after line 164: Boot reports: bzimage ..ok bzroot ..ok I was able to boot successfully after doing the rename of the network-rules.cfg file. However, if I reboot I get the same error again. Upon rebooting the server appears to start normally. It tells me an IP address has been assigned. However, when I try to access that address my devices report the site cannot be reached. If I restart I get the modprobe error. If I rename the network-rules.cfg file as recommended I can boot into GUI mode. But the browser says it cannot access local host.