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  1. I was previously having an issue with my server's network configuration where a bonded connection with two ethernet cables connected was less reliable than a single connection. I have been running a single 1GB ethernet cable for awhile now but a few days ago I thought I would re-visit getting a bonded connection to work. I currently have all three of my MB's ethernet ports bonded but only one port has a cable connected. When I plug in a second cable I notice the connection seems less stable. SMB folder maps seem to time out, connection to Unraid's UI seems slower and streaming from Binhex's Plex container is very slow and often fails, reporting that my network connection is to slow. If I unplug a cable, doesn't matter which the network connectivity improves significantly. Are there peculiarities in utilising bonded connections?
  2. Is there a plugin to add colour customisation for the Main and Dashboard tabs? I seem to recall seeing a video where drives in the array were coloured depending on how much space was free. Also in the Dashboard tab colouration for CPU and memory usage.
  3. Is anyone doing anything cool with the Elgato Stream Deck and Unraid? I would be interested to hear if anyone is using it to start stop VMs' It would be cool to have VMs on their own keys to start and stop.
  4. I have been trying for awhile now. 3-4 days. When you login do you get the captcha each time? It only shows occasionally for me. Also when the login window shows it is very slow to build. Have you done anything special to get it to work? Also what video card are you utilising? I have an EVGA GTX1080FTW.
  5. I was trying to setup NVIDIA's Geforce Experience on a Windows 10VM recently in order to stream games to an NVIDIA Shield. I keep encountering an issue when attempting to login. I keep getting a message to check internet connection. The internet is working fine on the VM. Has anyone else attempted to use Geforce Experience on a Windows 10 VM and could offer some of their experience?
  6. Thanks for your reply. I am on ver 6.7.2. Is there another available? I dont see an option to update. And its only on this app. All the others seem to update normally without a problem.
  7. Is there a fix for the update issue? Every time I check my plugins for updates it tells me there is one for pihole.
  8. I am having an issue getting to nextcloud's WEBui. Nextcloud is running but it opens a blank page. The log reports: ErrorWarningSystemArrayLogin [s6-init] making user provided files available at /var/run/s6/etc...exited 0. [s6-init] ensuring user provided files have correct perms...exited 0. [fix-attrs.d] applying ownership & permissions fixes... [fix-attrs.d] done. [cont-init.d] executing container initialization scripts... [cont-init.d] 10-adduser: executing... ------------------------------------- _ () | | ___ _ __ | | / __| | | / \ | | \__ \ | | | () | |_| |___/ |_| \__/ Brought to you by linuxserver.io We gratefully accept donations at: https://www.linuxserver.io/donate/ ------------------------------------- GID/UID ------------------------------------- User uid: 99 User gid: 100 ------------------------------------- [cont-init.d] 10-adduser: exited 0. [cont-init.d] 20-config: executing... [cont-init.d] 20-config: exited 0. [cont-init.d] 30-keygen: executing... using keys found in /config/keys [cont-init.d] 30-keygen: exited 0. [cont-init.d] 40-config: executing... [cont-init.d] 40-config: exited 0. [cont-init.d] 50-install: executing... [cont-init.d] 50-install: exited 0. [cont-init.d] 60-memcache: executing... [cont-init.d] 60-memcache: exited 0. [cont-init.d] 99-custom-files: executing... [custom-init] no custom files found exiting... [cont-init.d] 99-custom-files: exited 0. [cont-init.d] done. [services.d] starting services [services.d] done.
  9. No problem. It doesnt appear to be a browser issue. Works fine on a Windows PC in Chrome, Firefox, or IE. On a Linux PC though most of the characters accessed with SHIFT + dont work. Its clearly not the keyboard.
  10. I am an English speaker in Australia. I have never had this issue before. Actually, I just went and utilised my wife's work laptop running windows and it works fine. So using VNC from the VM tab on a Linux PC doesnt work. But from Windows it works fine. Ill have to download a Windows ISO then.
  11. I am having what is probably a very simple problem. I am trying to set up ArchLinux on a VM. When I try to run "genfstab -U /mnt >> /mnt/etc/fstab" I cannot keyboard input >>. However, I can do << fine. Many of the other keyboard options dont work either. _ + | etc. I have tried three keyboards. All work fine when I run terminal from the server ribbon or anywhere else. Just not in VNC. Anyone offer some advice how to fix the problem?
  12. Problem solved. I changed the DNS server address on unRaid from to Works fine now.
  13. Attached. tower-diagnostics-20190516-1153.zip
  14. Hi all, I just updated from 6.6.9 to 6.7.0. After the update its really slow to open the Plugins and Docker tabs in a browser window. I am utilising Firefox but have also tried Chrome and Konqueror. I timed opening the Plugins tab and it took 2min10sec from the time I clicked the tab. Once the Plugins tab has opened the Docker tab will open straight away. Happens the same if I open the Docker tab first. When I select "Check for Updates" in the Docker tab it took in excessive of 10min to show available updates. I stopped paying attention at 15min10sec.