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  1. Nice card, but I looked up the price and o man, nice price too. (440 quid or so) I just placed an order on eBay for an Adaptec ASR-71605 for 50 pounds after a member confirmed here that he's using one and only had to change a BIOS setting to make it work.
  2. Thanks! That's one of the cards I was looking at. I'm finding it on eBay for 50 pounds, from UK, not from China. I placed the order, couldn't resist, since you confirmed it can work my worries about this were relieved. This setting in the bios is something you only need to set once I hope, not every boot? Could you perhaps elaborate a bit on which specific setting it is and what to set it to? Also, what is this trimming of SSDs you mentioned? Not that I'll be using SSDs on this card. I'm just curious.
  3. Thanks Hoopster. I believe I managed to retract the offer. Man, this stuff is tricky. Next time I'll ask for advice first and then decide if I want to buy.
  4. @johnnie.black I just placed a bid on eBay on a card called LSI MEGARAID SAS 9260-16I 16-PORT (4X SFF-8087) 6GB/S SATA+SAS RAID CONTROLLER. Maybe I acted a bit hastily there. That model is not among the ones you mentioned in your post above. Would this one work for my unraid server, or should I retract my offer as soon as I can?
  5. I was looking at some Adaptec cards today. Have zero experience with servers myself so far, but planning on putting one together by the end of the year. Which cards have you tried and what kind of results did you get?
  6. Thanks, I will have a look at that. Ran across another Adaptec 16 port card in the meantime. Adaptec 71605. Seems to be PCIe 3 version. https://www.adaptec.com/nr/pdfs/integration_guide_71605-71605E.pdf I suppose it's a RAID card again. But wouldn't it be possible to "flash" these cards to work in IT mode as well?
  7. Thanks. I see plenty of such cards around, but for the moment I'm really trying to find a card with 4 internal ports, or 16 ports depending on how you're counting. Apparently some cards say 4 port while it's only a single port or 8 ports when it's a duo port, for example. I keep running into cards with 4 external ports, but the ones with internal ones appear to be somewhat rare. I know I could go for a duo-port card and add an extender, but that would often mean taking up two PCIe slots on the motherboard again. There are options apparently for extenders which don't need to be slotted into a PCIe slot and could just receive power from the PSU. That might be an option I would have to look at later. Right now I've just started orienting myself on these controllers, so I'm not yet ready to give up on my ideal solution of a card with 4 internal ports. There is also the option of using a card with external ports and rerouting the cables back into the case, but again this would not be the neatest solution. From what I've seen so far, the cards with 4 internal ports seem to be multiple times as costly as the ones with external ports. This makes no sense to me. Also the ones with 4 ports are much more expensive than the ones with 2 ports, which also seems quite disproportionate.
  8. What about this Adaptec RAID 51645 card? Could this be suitable? https://adaptec.com/en-us/support/raid/sas_raid/sas-51645/ It doesn't appear to specify which SAS version or PCIe version the card uses. Also, what is with the on-board memory, do I need that, how much memory would be desirable?
  9. I just found a cheap option for a 16 port internal controller, but it's an old model, using PCIe 1.0a. If I'm not mistaken, the 3 Gb/s rating per port works out at 96 MB/s per drive. Please correct me if I'm wrong on that. That doesn't even seem that low. Hard drives these days do like 150-250 MB/s, if I'm not mistaken. Of course, I would really prefer a card which utilizes a newer PCIe version. The motherboard I'll be going for should have PCIe 4.0. But for the controller card, maybe PCIe 2.0 would be enough? Anyway, at 18 pounds including VAT, this card seems like a bargain option. Specifications in attached PDF. Any thoughts? LSI_SAS_84016E_ITM_528.pdf
  10. Hmm... so is this why the guy from Art of Server mentions flashing the cards perhaps? Maybe the cards are basically RAID cards but the same hardware can be used for direct access by flashing a new firmware onto them?
  11. Thanks! That was a good video to watch. And the guy made a follow-up video for 2020 which I'm currently still watching. Of course, as is usually the case, more information brings up more questions. So, now I've seen a lot of these cards, I'm noticing that a lot of them only have 2 connectors, which I think are the cards with the 8 SAS lanes. So between a card like this and the hard drives, it would appear that more is needed than simply a number of SATA cables. How do these two connectors get divided into 8 SATA ports? What is the missing part called? What is IT mode? Which other varieties besides this IT mode exist? How do I know if I should have an IT mode card or not? One of my initial questions also still stands, but let me rephrase it a little. Are there any things I should absolutely avoid (regarding these controllers) when I want to use unraid and are there any things which would be a plus when I want to use unraid?
  12. Thanks for reminding me. I should still be able to make that work, since the design isn't yet finalized. I do wonder though, I've heard of PCI extender cables, if I were to find such a thing, would the 1 meter max distance for SATA cables count from the motherboard, or would it count from the SATA controller card?
  13. Hi. I'm looking for advice as I've never built an unraid server before. I got myself 4 SilverStone FS304 cages with room for 16 3.5 inch drives altogether. I understand I will need a SATA/SAS controller to connect it all up to the motherboard. I would prefer to use just a single PCIe slot, so I'll be looking for a 16 port card. There will be a fair distance between the motherboard and the drive cages, perhaps about 1.20 - 1.30 meters. Could anyone recommend me one or more types of 16 port card that are good but still fairly affordable? Is there anything in particular I need to look out for to ensure that it would work well with unraid? Can you offer any advice in regard to what I would require to connect the drives over a distance, preferably with a minimal amount of cables to run?
  14. Lol, I think 430 pounds could buy a nice motherboard and processor. Or a graphics card.