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  1. Thanks SeeGee I've been using a Sandisk 8Gb USB 2 drive for the past 7 years and have yet to have a problem. Think I'll get a USB 3.1 Header to USB female cable and give it a go and if no joy try this one (got too impatient and pulled the trigger on the new build last night) Thanks again
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys Just out of interest SeeGee what brand/model of USB drive did you use?
  3. Just wondering what USB you're using to boot with? I'm looking at getting the X570D4U02L2T and as best I can see its only got USB 3.1 x2 on the rear plate and a 3.1 Gen 1 header. Are you using a USB 3.0 flash or USB 2 flash drive?
  4. Hi Guys As I've previously posted Im in the process of updating my unraid server. The mother board I'm looking at (ASRock Rack X570D4U-2L2T ) only has USB 3.2 ports on the rear and a a USB 3.1 Gen 1 header. The case I'm looking at also only has 3.1 ports. I've been hunting around the forums and reddit to work out what going to be the best way of getting unraid to boot on this new system. Ideally I would like the USB to be internal so have been looking at a header to internal USB port adapter cable however the only ones I can find are USB 3.0. It seems like the current consensus from the reading I've done is that lots of people have had trouble getting USB 3.0 flash drives to work and recommend 2.0 drives/ports for reliability. However it seems like 2.0 USB ports are dying out in the latest motherboards so this is going to be an increasing problem in the future. I'm just wondering what people have done in a similar position? Use a USB 2 flash drive in a USB 3.0 port? Use USB 3.0 and accept they will fail more frequently given heat? Which USB 3.0 flash drives have worked for you as it seems what some people have recommended (i.e Samsung Bar 32GB) haven't worked for others? Cheers
  5. Thanks for the Feedback SeeGee. Very tempted to pull the trigger on this build. Do you know if going from an HBA to Sata on a mother board does it matter which drives get plugged it where (i.e do I need to try and match them up to the same order as they currently exist) or will unraid work out that all the drives are plugged into a new system and off we go?
  6. Hi Guys I've been running an Intel Xeon E2-1230 V2/Supermicro X9SCM-IIF 8x HDD with 1 SSD for cache based unraid server for the last 6-7 years now and I am thinking about upgrading. Previously I was thinking I'd stick with an Intel Xeon but I'm not sure if its a COVID worldwide thing or an Australian thing (where I live) but it seems hard to get a lot of the CPUs locally and wider it seems like Intel is slipping behind AMD (and they've lost favour with Apple which seems like they've just lost a major business) which is why I'm looking at maybe moving to an AMD based system. My primary uses are storing my media and running dockers such as Plex, Roon server, SABnzbd, Radarr, Sonarr. I am hoping to have the ability to transcode 4K video through Plex (which I understand is an expensive pursuit). While I do direct play while at home, there is increasing amounts of 4K content in my library. I don't have a good feel what AMD is like (Given I've always had systems with Intel in them) so hoping for some opinions about whether this system is going to fulfil my needs. I'm currently looking into building a system with: SilverStone CS381B (Currently using a Unas 810A but its pretty tight and won't allow for a GPU) ASRock Rack X570D4U-2L2T AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Leadtek Nvidia Quadro P2200 5GB Workstation Video Card Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD KSM26ED8/16ME x2 Questions I have are... 1.) Is the 3700X over or under kill from a CPU point of view for this system? Given I'm planning to use a GPU can a get away with a cheaper CPU? 2.) Is the P2200 capable of 4K transcoding and has anyone had success with does this in an AMD/Unraid system (Seems like a lot of posts are based around the P2000 which I take must be the previous version as I can't find P2000 readily in Australia) 3.) I understand to use Nvidia GPU with AMD one needs to use a special unraid Build. It is going to be straight forward enough to transfer my current unraid over to this new hardware or does changing to this build mean starting over? 4.) Given the board has 8x Sata ports and 2x M.2 ports am I right in thinking I can forgo the use of my HBA and plug my 8 drives directly in the mother board and use the M.2 as a cache drive. Thanks for reading and any advice/opinions that you guys can provide Cheers
  7. If you were keen to try 4k transcoding the Kodi wiki has a page of (legitimate) sample files than can be downloaded for all sorts of different video and audio codecs. I suppose if the 2244 could do this and I'm only running a couple of dockers and no VMs then maybe this would be enough CPU power rather than the beefier (and more expensive) 2288
  8. Thanks for the reply Hoopster. Yes I have read the thread you started and the plex forum and understand that getting a 4K transcode takes effort (and money). I already direct play 4k content to a AVR receiver and 4k television. I suppose the aim would be to stream to an ipad somewhere else within the house, rather than needing multiple transcodes going at the same time. From what I could see in your thread you've had success transcoding multiple 1080p streams but I couldn't see anyone had tried the iGPU with a 4k stream. As such I was wondering if iGPU of these chips offloads some of the high passmark requirements? I would be interesting to know if anyone has had success with either the 2244 or 2288 doing this. The heat generated sounds like its own issue and the E 2288 sounds like a step too far for the Unas 810A case. Supposedly the Cryorig C7 Full Copper Graphene Coated Top Flow CPU Cooler rates at 125W TDP but even that seems like it wont cut it from what you're saying. If I do go down the E 2288 route I could put it in the Silverstone CS381 which although it doesnt have great clearance (i think I remember it being 57mm) it can apparently hold a radiator.
  9. Hey guys I’ve been running unraid over 7 years and starting to think about upgrading. I’m currently running: · Intel Xeon E3 1230V2 @ 3.30Ghz · Supermicro X9SCL-II · Noctua NHl-9i · 32GB of DDR3 EEC ram · IBM RaidServe M1015 flashed to IT mode to act as an HBA to connect 8 hard drives and a single SSD 1TB for cache directly to motherboard. · UNAS 810A case. Currently my main uses are running a Plex server, roon core, hdhomerun and some usenet applications. My main goal ideally would be to have a speedier system and one capable of transcoding a single 4K stream from plex (like heaps of people seem to want) while ideally keeping the UNAS 810A case. I’ve been pretty happy with Intel (its been rock solid) so would be happy to stick with them rather than AMD. If possible, I’d rather stick with the Unas 810A case and not get a dedicated GPU as it won’t fit. I’ve been having a look at the different threads and can see there is chatter about the Xeon E 22XX series as they have an iGPU. I’m based in Australia and while Xeon E 2244 are available I haven’t seen any E 2268 or 2288 available as so would need to import these at a higher cost ($1128 AUD for an imported E 2288) My questions include: 1.) Despite a passmark of 10000 would a Xeon E 2244 be able to transcode 4k plex given the iGPU? Has anyone tried this with either the Xeon E 2244 or 2288? Are there any other benefits to a 2288(will parity checks be quicker?..etc) or is it overkill for what I’m doing? 2.) It looks like the Noctua NHL-9i isn’t compatible with 91/5W TDP Coffee lake intel chips on their website ( so I take it this fan couldn’t handle the Xeon E2288 95 TDP but probably could the E 2244? (In which case something like the Cryorig C7 Cu Full Copper Compact cooler should fit the case at 47mm and is rated to 115 TDP). 3.) Is there a preferred mother board for iGPU and unraid (ASUS vs supermicro )? Options for motherboards would include; ASRock E3C246D4 or E3C246D4U2-2L2T(maybe nice to have 10Gb option) or Supermicro X11SCH-F. 4.) Any benefit to going to more than 32GB? Thanks in advance for any advice or opinions.
  10. Hi Guys not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'm trying to wanting to run NZBget through an openVPN tunnel. I've been trying to use the NZBGet-vpn docker container from Bungy's repository. I'm trying to use torguard rather than airvpn or Private Internet Access. I've downloaded the certificate and renamed one of the ovpn files for a particular server to ovpn.ovpn adding them both to the NZBget/openVPN folder and then added my user name and password in along with the server address, port and used custom for the provider. When I added it I get: d --name="nzbgetvpn" --net="bridge" --privileged="true" -e VPN_USER="XXXXX" -e VPN_PASS="XXXXX" -e VPN_REMOTE="" -e VPN_PORT="XXXX" -e VPN_PROV="custom" -e TZ="XXXXXX" -p 6789:6789/tcp NZBget works, however it also seems to work if I omit the password or server url as well. So I'm not sure the traffic is actually using the VPN? Just wondering if there is any other way to check it has worked? Has anyone had success using any other VPN providers with this docker container other than airvpn or PIA. Or will it not work? I've looked into to trying the OpenVPN plugin, while I can get it connecting for some reason its incredibly slow (300kbs compared to 20mbps I can get compared to be normal connection if I use the same VPN server on my macbook with SABnzbd) and I'm running a plex and subsonic server as well so ideally just want to have NZBget to run through the VPN. Any thoughts? Thanks for the help
  11. Hi BetaQuasi, I'm wondering if I might ask you a question about your build (I apologise if this is a basic question, I'm not from a computer background and trying to get my head around this all while I await computer parts)? I'm curious about how you've connected your cache drive? It looks like it using the motherboard's SATA port, is this using Raw Device Mapping? Is there a limit on how many hard drives can be mapped to a virtual machine? I ask because I'm in the process of building an EXSi machine with unraid and either a windows 7/Ubuntu VM. I'm awaiting a X9SCM-IIF and an IBM M1015 from America. I have nine drives I currently have to use with unraid (one parity, one cache, seven hard drives) and I've only ordered one IBM M1015. I'm wondering if I can use a motherboard SATA port for my cache drive (and to add more drives to Unraid at a later stage) and use these in unraid or do I need to order another IBM M1015? If you can add them to unraid are there any problems with this? Cheers Al
  12. I guess the EX means excluding GST? So you'll need to put another 10% on top of that price ? I've just ordered a X9SCM-IIF from for $184 (there's a current $5 discount ending on the 30/7) while the X9SCM-F can be had for $167. I'm using Price USA to ship it to Australia and its looking like I'll get it here for around $230. But thats using the slowest shipping, so I might be waiting a month for it ....
  13. I too would also like to know where you are getting that motherboard from? The only place in Oz seems to be at $285.80 ( Although it looks like there is a X9SCM-IIF-O (not sure how different it is?) but I've only been able to find that in the US and all the online shops don't seem to ship to Aus. So by the time you get it shipped here you're looking at around $240-250 using or the like.
  14. Thanks for your reply mrow. Can I ask what you used to seal off your vents? Also how do you find the LEDs, I've read that you can't easily turn them off....that you've got to cut them out if you don't like 'em?
  15. Hi Guys I'm still trying to work out what case I should get for my unraid build. I was initially drawn to the Fractal Designs R3, as its got a lot sound proofing and the server is going to have to sit in the TV room. However I already have 9 hard drives to use (4 already with stuff, another 3 extra empty ones, a cache and parity drive) and so I'd have effectively maxed out that case before getting started. As such I'm thinking about trying to find a case with alot of 5.25 bays and use some 5 in 3 cages, but trying to find the cases listed in the forum posting regarding this is proving difficult in Australia. I can easily find the Antec 900 and 1200, however I just wondering if I'm going to have problems with noise with this case? I realise they are gaming cases and so have lots of venting to help with air flow and I've check some silent PC forum/reviews which say its not the quietest case in the world. But I'm just wondering how people find this case with unraid in real life? Does any one use them in their TV/media rooms? Or do people tend to stick this in another room due to noise? Oh and if any Aussies have any ideas for cases with lots of 5.25 drives easily available in Australia, please let me know as all the sites I've checked out don't seem to carry many and they all seem to be gaming cases. Cheers Al