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  1. Fantastic; working perfectly. Thank you. On a side note, any news/eta on an updated Libvirt version?
  2. Add USER and PASS variables in container to set authentication.
  3. Thank you sir - you're correct. I am now able to connect.
  4. I then get this. I have changed the vm libvert storage location from its default - perhaps this is why.
  5. I am using 32GB of ECC ram @ 2666 - one of the Kingstons listed on the supported list for the MB.
  6. I have installed the IPMI plugin and everything is displayed correctly; fan control is something I am still unable to rectify. It states fan is not configured.
  7. actually really well - everything is working perfectly.
  8. I have the same board and issue - keep us updated
  9. I pre-ordered a couple of weeks ago and it is arriving in a few of days - I guess I'll be the test bench.
  10. Hi All, As I await the components for my new server - has anyone had any experience with this board in Unraid? Is everything working, like GPU passthrough? Thanks