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  1. I need IOMMU for the GPU and USB passthrough to my VM. BIOS is the latest one. I will give 6.9-beta1 a try. Should I install it onto a new key and copy over my config so I can roll back if needed?
  2. The xfs_repair -v fixed the issues with the filesystem, so I started to install more games, and about 20GB into it disk 2 stopped working again. I've included the diagnostics from after the xfs repair, and after the disk stopped working again. obsidian-diagnostics-post-xfs-repair.zip obsidian-diagnostics-20200324-1354.zip
  3. Good morning, So the rebuild succeeded; however, it's now saying that disk 2 is "Unmountable: No file system". I'm thinking that "xfs_repair -V -L /dev/md2" will fix that though? I've attached diagnostics from after the array rebuilt, and after I rebooted it. Once I get the file system sorted I'll be able to continue my testing and install some more games and see if the original issue is solved by swapping the sata cable and adding a new power rail. obsidian-diagnostics-post-rebuild.zip obsidian-diagnostics-post-rebuild-reboot.zip
  4. I added a new line of power from my psu to disks 1 and 2, and swapped out the cable for disk 2. Brought my array back up and am currently rebuilding the array. I expect that to take 9h or so. All my hardware is brand new, so here's to hoping that swapping those things around fixes the issue. I'll post back tomorrow with an update.
  5. Hey guys, The background: I'm new to Unraid. I have a new Unraid build with a Threadripper 3970x on the Asus ROG Zenith II Extreme MB. I'm using the onboard Sata. I'm running a Windows VM from a passed through a Samsung 970 Pro NVMe. I have 5x 6TB Seagate Barracuda Pro drives in my array, 1 of which is parity. The issue: In my Windows VM once I install Steam and start downloading games to my network mapped user share everything will be working great for a bit, then the drive will fail with write errors and remove itself from the array. If I remove the drive and add it back the the array and let it rebuild, everything will be fine until I download more from Steam. First it was disk 1 that was failing, so I excluded it from my user share, now disk 2 is failing when doing the same thing. Additional Information: I have copied over several ISO images via SMB from my old computer to the new unraid shares totaling about 14GB, and no issues seemed to occur. I am not married to any of the data on the drives, as this is a fresh build. I have attached my diagnostics. Hope someone can help. obsidian-diagnostics-20200323-1452.zip