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  1. I noticed you have an 'S' in your location My folder location is '/mnt/user/appdata/baikal/specific' I know that baikal is looking for Specific but I kept everything as lower case in the template. I also have mine set up to use an external MySQL database, maria db, so my /specific only have 2 files 'INSTALL_DISABLED' and .htaccess
  2. check your config.yaml and that it is in the correct location. The changes should enable the config.yaml to actually function better and it may be now picking up errors that were originally not picked up... You can try pasting the config.yml into an online yaml testing site and see if there are any errors if you are unsure.
  3. I have learnt something else new in that it appears that if you update the template with changed mount path locations the updated template does not remove what you already had set while it adds the new one, causing what you are seeing with the dual configs. I guess this change is more helpful for new users rather than existing people. I was able to delete the duplicate config path location from the edit screen, with reboot, and invidious was working as it was before. This is mine for reference. Hopefully we are over the hump of some of these changes... I have yet to make any changes to my own setup other than what others are having issue with and suggesting is the culprit. I have then been getting my instance back working with their suggestions and updating the template to reflect it. Apart from that its been solid as a rock for me, I totally forget about it and just update it every few days.
  4. Thank you mate for the confirmation I'll work on updating the template shortly.
  5. Legend. Thanks for that. I didn't want to do that exact thing and nuke my stuff if i didn't have too.
  6. Hey All, I have finally bitten the bullet and grabbed an LSI card. The final straw has been some errors popping up within unraid console that appears to hamper the drives from mounting properly some boots. I know I should have grabbed one before I started but here I am. I have a 2 port sata card with 2 drives installed on it. I will be moving to a LSI SAS HBA (IT Mode) card which has 2 ports and 2x4way splitter cables. My question is - Is there any tips for moving across from the sata card to the LSI card? Is it possible to yank the disks, put the card in, replug and away I go? The alternative is do the above and rely on the dual parity to get me back to where I was? Cheers
  7. Happy to be incorrect if others have found something. The only way I could get it to work again was /invidious/config -> /mnt/user/appdata/invidious/config/ Is that what your referring too?
  8. invidious instructions Update - Made a small edit to the SQL code block and instructions regarding using the entire code block in one go. Tested on a fresh database setup today I was able to copy the entire code block in one and paste it into the terminal, without the necessity of doing paragraph by paragraph (for anyone wondering).
  9. Nah you are unable to do that at this time. You also obviously can't reply. So i kind of run this in tandem with an ad free reddit client. Basically you have to go through you subscriptions and 'subscribe' within libreddit to be able to generate a bit of a feed. Once I did that, I went to settings and at the bottom there is a link called 'You can restore your current settings and subscriptions after clearing your cookies using this link.' the 'think link' is a good little hyperlink that i have copied and saved as my launching link in heimdall (or whatever dashboard your using. it means that I get the fresh experience each time. I have this running on nginx proxy manager (both the linuxserver verison and within the official docker) however I don't have this running as a full base domain, only as a which is working exactly as intended the multiple times I have set this up. Typically i dont have my things exposed to the outside world so that entails that I have the setup as a local DNS entry in pihole such that it points to the local device running nginx proxy manager 192.168.0.xx.... then it will stay local, hit the proxy manager and reverse proxy to the correct container which is under a custom network 'proxnet' so 172.20.0.xx or whatever with the port as necessary (default is 3000)
  10. Hey this is old as however on google was one of the first results. Weirdly, it seemed that I needed to fix my time settings in unraid. I was creating a new unraid box and had this issue, google led me here I was trying all manner of things and checking settings between this new box and my old one, everything looked the same. I deleted and recreated the network to no avail I changed the time settings including TimeZone and then tried again, it worked. Bizare, but worth a shot
  11. Been using this for months at this point with updates almost daily and nil issue. All the SQL commands are within the files as noted. If something changes at this point I have more people able to not only understand the commands but also where they are. I've already had good people help with the template/setup in getting this far. I suspect that you may be able to script the commands to be one line which also may make it quicker/easier. Nothing stopping you or anyone else developing an all in one docker on ubuntu base or something. This one could be the minimalist docker for those who want to run their own database.
  12. I have added bibliogram to the suite of docker containers. It's mostly set and forget apart from config.js creation in the appdata structure.
  13. I was able to create a user and start subscribing to channels. I can log into this same user across devices which works just fine. I havn't had much need to do much else apart from that and then muck around with the resolution stuff and try out a couple downloads which seems to all work. On mobile I just create a link on my homescreen that launches the browser as a 'browser based app' sort of thing. It is a tad clunky on mobile but meh, I've basically deleted youtube entirely now. I do get a bit of buffering at times which seems to buffer for eternity. That may be a settings issue, that may be an internet issue, I am yet to work that out. I typically have to refresh the page and then play the video again, jumping to where I was. I need more time to look at the settings and what I can do to improve that. there is also the possibility that my internet cant handle it (its garbage)
  14. I have made further update to the Invidious setup post regarding network choices based on the above. At this time I can only recommend a br0 network type (and loosely host network) as well as the use of a custom network as I have both of these methods working. Check the setup post for the network note and potential further setup involved.
  15. If you want to use this docker container using the br0 network based on the information i gleaned from above you will need to create a local custom DNS entry pointing to your database. I use pi-hole on my network so I was able to easily set 'postgres' to the database IP and it starts straight back up. If your wanting to use 'bridge' i was unable to get that working as yet, i will have another look at that later.