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  1. Just as a note for anyone wondering. I have updated both my rigs to the 6.10 stable (well now its 6.10.1) and all the dockers are still working as intended. Simple upgrade and nothing was needed to be modified or changed
  2. I probably annoyed the heck out of Roxedus messaged them everywhere lol But in any event the scrutiny template has been updated - Hopefully see the merge in on the unraid side for the updated template soon
  3. I recieved a reply from analogj on reddit as follows; I have pointed him to the direction of @Roxedus on his github page so he can get in contact and hopefully get this sorted asap and us back to receiving updates. tagging @ijuarez as you were interested.
  4. It would appear Scrutiny dev has pulled his images from dockerhub and may have them elsewhere <- 404's I have messaged the dev on reddit for some confirmation It would appear the base repo is - (based on his docker compose in the github linked above)
  5. Hey ICH777 I am aware the container it did not kill my flash drive just more the annoyance that the forced reboot after the container hung was the final nail in the coffin for it. Its possible regarding H265. I basically just ticked all and figured nothing would happen if it tried rather than potentially lock up I didnt even get to play anything or transcode anything. I did the initial setup, exposed a few more paths to videos, etc which all showed fine in setup. I then completed the rest of the setup. It hung after being in settings when trying to go back to the desktop.. it spiraled from there lol.
  6. So I tried to set this up yesterday got it all installed however it sorta hung after I enabled transcoding for NVENC. I have a 970 in my server which has been working fine in Plex. I was then unable to force the container to shut down through GUI or Terminal Had to manually force a reboot, and lucky me my flash drive took the brunt and died lol. I have restup my server and am not sure if it is wise to try again. I did tick all the encoding options after selecting NVENC. I am wondering if anyone else has seen this? Am I missing something. I am a little hesitant to try again after my whirlwind of an evening last night lol
  7. I think at this point ill just wait until i get the email support reply from unraid.
  8. More mucking about than should be necessary. I am looking forward to the login that is eventually coming so its just tied to my account I have tried with the whole contents of the /config over, no option to start a trial So I deleted the key file and the trial file from /config which now just says missing key file... lol. Going to copy the trail key back to see what happens Edit - nope didn't work either... lol
  9. So i've just had my second USB die in the span of 12 months. Now locked out of my server, which is annoying with the needing to email support regarding fixing my license, sigh. But i have sent the email. What I am asking is has anyone used a Server Sata DOM as their 'flash drive' to potentially get some better longevity out of a flash drive. I have tried various brands that I can actually purchase around me (as they always die when you dont want it too) and am thinking of shelling out a bit extra to hopefully have some space between another dang USB failure.
  10. Stumbled on this after getting my own webmail lite working and wanting a pro one... I must not have searched properly the first time. I see you haven't "volume" the /data/settings for easier accessing the config or modules files ( I am wondering how your accessing /data or where it is situated within the docker as within the console I can't seem to find/access it.
  11. I think at this time I am going to remove this template. I didn't dive enough and I think there are more issues with the docker, than with their manual install. It appears their docker is basically not up updated (the docker hub instance lists 1 year... and the associated believed docker github repo hasnt been updated in 3 years, whereas the program git was updated 2 days ago.... Those errors your seeing are more to do with the container than the template/docker program from what I understand and without forking the project and updating it I have a feeling i can't fix it with a few commands. You are more than welcome to grab the template and have a play (or i can send you it) I ended up over at Afterlogic Webmail Pro and paid for a license... It does everything I need (webmail and able to link further IMAP accounts) and worked 1st time for me.
  12. Lucky me... Of Course it changes around the time i implement it lol. RIMGO Update 25/4/22 I have updated the template and updated the docker container and mine seems to be working with the new changes. I have pushed them over to the template here - As always happy for any pull requests.
  13. Update 24/4/2022 Have added Cypht to my Repo. I have been using Thunderbird in docker to try and keep everything central however it is a bit clunky. I was searching around for an all in one IMAP webmail program. A lot of them are tied to a single webserver which is not what I wanted. There is only a docker compose for this and appears to bundle a mariadb in with it. With this container I managed to decouple it from mariadb so that you can use your own... Which of course needs to be set up before you are able to use this one correctly. I can't say I have had much time with this one
  14. If i implement this 'fix' will this clash with any upgrade to 6.10 in the future? or will 6.10 just flat out overwrite this area such that i dont have keep track of this change and revert it before upgrading to 6.10? (just a bit of a sanity check before i implement it). I am seeing this exact error constantly on my NVME drive i use for my VM's and its frustrating as heck.
  15. Update 22/4/2022 Have added a imgur front end named rimgo (a fork of rimgu rewritten in go). Most of the stuff is there just waiting for acceptance into the community apps. probably more useful for using with something like libredirect....