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  1. This is what I needed! Thank you very much for your help. It's working correctly now. For anyone looking, https://hub.docker.com/r/linuxserver/openvpn-as/ section "Application Setup"
  2. Whenever I reboot my docker container, OpenVPN reset the admin password to default "admin/password". I find this highly unsecure for obvious reasons. Is there a way to save my updated password? OpenVPN: v2.8.6 Unraid: v6.8.3 Thanks!
  3. When all this was going on I used the beta trying to troubleshoot and it didn't fix the issue. I can't remember what version that was, but it was the version out when I stared this thread.
  4. UPDATE: So it turned out it was the NIC on my motherboard that was incompatible with Unraid. I went to a local brick & mortar store and bought a $10 NIC and everything has been smooth ever since. Relevant Hardware: Ryzen 9 3900X GIGABYTE B550 AORUS PRO AC
  5. I just wanted to let you know that I'm a dumb-dumb and figured it out. My backup location had cache enabled. So when it would backup, the cache would get full after Plex (~60GB) and stop. I made a new backup share with no cache enabled and it's working well now. Sorry to waste your time, and thank you very much for your help. P.S. I bought you a beer for your trouble
  6. If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. Thank you for your help! I'm going to buy a gig nic and hope it works for now.
  7. So I believe the major problem here is that Unraid does not detect my NIC. I can't pull an IP address or set a static address. Is there a way to load my driver manually? My motherboard is Aorus B550 Pro AC
  8. 169.254.x.x Is it possible Unraid doesn't support my Ethernet? It's a 2.5GBE port.
  9. I created a brand new USB image and enabled "Allow UEFI Boot" in the Customize option and was able to boot. I'm in the GUI. I then moved a backup of my old config file onto the NEW USB. It seems to have my configuration, but I'm still not accessing my network.
  10. I seen to only be able to boot into "Safe mode No GUI". Anything else blacks out the screen. There is no network connectivity in safe mode no GUI (I don't see the device on my network).
  11. I have tried updating my BIO to the latest.
  12. Yes it is! Hardware: Ryzen 3900x Aorus B550 Pro AC 32GB RAM
  13. I have just replace my hardware from Intel to AMD. When I boot into Unraid, I get as far as "Starting Samba:", then the screen goes black and I can't do anything. I have tried the following: Boot in safe mode (GUI/NON) Enable Legacy Boot in BIOS Removed Plugins from Boot Drive Please help me figure this out. Here is a video I uploaded to YT: Thank you, G3TG0T