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  1. Aaahhhhh, I get what you mean now. Thanks for clearing that up!
  2. So I logged into one of my vm's this morning to find it had paused overnight. Checking on the unraid gui the unassigned drive pased through to the vm was reporting as full, but when I rebooted the vm the drive was only showing as about half full. Is there any reason unraid isn't seing the usage correctly? EDIT: the only workaround i've found so far is to move everything off of the drive image, remove the image and recreate it.
  3. 1x SA400S37120G 1x SV300S37A120G
  4. The share has always been cache-yes, The mover has run since that screenshot, took it last night and mover ran at midnight.
  5. Source path is the downloads folder in the windows 10 VM Destinatin path is a folder in the Media share
  6. Diagnostics attached, ssd's are set to trim everyday. I have 2 ssd's being used as the pool (2x120gb) and on both I have seen speeds averaging 150mb/s whilst I was still using windows 10. odin-diagnostics-20200331-1956.zip
  7. So I've been having an issue with transfering files to my unraid share, The transfer will start out at about 150-200mb/s but after transfering about 2-3GB it'll slow all the way down to about 20-50mb/s. There is plently of space on that cache drive (+120GB). Am I missing something obvious here, or is something not working right? This is transfering stuff from a VM to one of the shares, but I have tried transfering files from my desktop to my server ans the same thing happens.