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  1. @binhex, I'm an idiot. It was my map. As soon as I tried moving my map into place and restarted the service, it disappeared. Because this was originally on my realm, there are a few flags that need to be changed in the level.dat file. I used Universal Minecraft Editor and after switching the LAN Broadcast on and a few other flags, it worked just fine. Since the solution is decidedly nothing to do with your image, I'll find the appropriate place to document it fully. Thanks again for the excellent image and new interface You rock!
  2. The problem I was reporting was showing up in Windows as well as on Android and Xbox One. Otherwise, I would have assumed it was something happening on the Windows side of things. While I thought it was most likely your docker image, it certainly could be something I inadvertently changed on my router. Just to be safe, I went ahead and added a vanilla installation of BDS on my Ubuntu VM running on unRAID and sure enough, it worked the way it did before and shows up in Windows, Android and Xbox just fine: So now I'm left with the question: why is BDS showing up on my LAN when running from my Ubuntu VM but not when running on your docker? I do have my VM running it's own virtual network adapter and so I tried the same thing with your docker image (latest), but no dice. No combination of networking seems to affect whether or not it shows up in Windows, Android or Xbox, though I'm decidedly a docker novice. If you -- or anyone else -- knows how this is being broadcast in BDS, perhaps we can figure out what specific network configuration I'd need to get it working for me. It seems like I'm not the only one experiencing this issue.
  3. I love the web interface to attach to the console... I'm not sure who helped you figure it out but thank you! Only problem I have now is that I can't see the server under 'Friends' like I used to when running bedrock_server under Ubuntu. Isn't this supposed to show up like any other LAN game?
  4. While this mostly works pretty well (unless you don't detach properly and then you have to force a detach first `screen -dr`) it'd be nice if there were a way to include a direct option like the console or WebUI.