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  1. I've managed to figure what was happening, for whatever reason, the LSI card didn't like being in the 3rd PCI-E slot and once I moved it to the 2nd slot, it started to work fine, it also turns out one of my connectors on the back of the backplane has a broken capacitor. But I've now managed to get all the drives to show up correctly now. Thanks for the help everyone.
  2. I've tried to connect the drives using the 8087-Sata and still none of them appear. Ill post the logs in a moment but my guess is that the LSI card isn't working correctly.
  3. I didn't use a controller before, originally I had the drives plugged directly into the motherboard, however, I've moved the system into a new case that can handle more drives. This case has the backplane that I'm now using the 8087 to 8087 cable to connect the backplane to the LSI 9240-8i card. The case has 20 bays, however im only using the first 8, the two cables that connect from the first 8 bays then go to the 2 connectors on the HBA, it only has two ports.
  4. The 8087 to 8087 is the one that I'm using to connect the backplane to the HBA, I was only using the red breakout cable to test if it was the backplane that was not working. I've not managed to get the HBA to recognise any drive using either cable correctly.
  5. Thanks for the reply. This is the cable that I'm using: I don't see anything in the description about if its forward or reverse breakout. I've also tried with another breakout cable that looks like this however with the same result
  6. I've bought an LSI 9240-8i that was meant to be already flashed to IT mode, however when it arrived it wasn't flashed, so a couple of hours later I've managed to flash it correctly (I Think) however when I connect it to the backplane of the server using an SFF 8087 to SFF 8087 cable I don't think it can see any of the drives. I've checked the BIOS to see if I can see the drives in their as well as checking with unraid and none of them are visible. Is there some more configuration that is needed to pass the drives though? or is the unit just dead now. Thanks in advanced