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  1. Anyway to get "fish" shell updated? The nerdpack is rocking version 2.x, but a lot of the plugins I need require version >3.x
  2. Is it possible to get "ncdu" added to this pack? It's a very nice tool for finding which folders/files are taking up all your space. Can find some screenshots here, as well as a link to the slack package here
  3. Just looking into this for future use. How would I handle having multiple domains pointing to the same server? Ex: My current nginx setup has 4 totally different domains, all coming in on the same ip/port then gets sorted out by nginx. Is something like that possible with this container? (I'm 100% new to letsencypt, only switching because of chrome/google no longer recognizing startssl)
  4. Having some trouble trying to get this ssh plugin to install I'm on the latest version of unraid 6.2, I've tried installing it via the Community Apps plugin, and manually. Any ideas?
  5. Asked and answered, it is removed when they issue a final release. ... DRM preventing my box from booting (BETA OR NOT) is UNACCEPTABLE. The fact that there has been no word from LT on this yet is UNACCEPTABLE. Guys, sort out your PR - please! It's a running joke!! ... If it truly is a "kill-switch" meant to protect data from a potential fatal bug, couldn't it be handled a little differently? Instead of stopping it from booting, couldn't it boot into a "degraded" mode. As in, the array doesn't auto-start on boot. And in order to start the array, a dialog coul
  6. He's not being hacked, this is very common if you expose port 22 (ssh) to the internet. It is an automated attack trying to get into the server, as long as you disable password (and root login) and use private/public keys he will be fine. I suppose you could implement fail2ban or other such programs out there to reduce the number of attempts. But this is a common occurrence these days, as long as your ssh server is sufficiently secure they can brute-force all they want. So just disable password login info here, and use private keys to login info here, and you'll be fine.
  7. The directory seems to be 777, but what is the actual files permissions? Deluge may be writing the file under it's own user with different permissions.
  8. Hello there, I am trying to use a drive in my unRAID system that is full of data and formatted to XFS. When in unRAID it says that it needs to be formatted, is there any reason why unRAID requires the drive to be formatted XFS by unraid itself and not from another system? I'd really rather not format the drive as it is 6TB and nearly full, and I don't have the space to off-load it.
  9. Awhile back when I emailed for a replacement it only took a couple hours. However I'm sure it is different for everyone.
  10. Not sure if this is the problem or not, but FAT32 which your flash drive is most likely formatted too. Doesn't support folder/file permissions, so that may be your problem. As ssh can be very strict with it's key permissions. When I ran into this error, I had to create a folder on the actual filesystem, using unraid's 'go' file. Then copy the key and authorized files from the /boot directory into it, and change the permissions, again inside of the go file. This is what I used (for my scenario) based from what I can remember. /boot/config/go -------------------- mkdir -p /hom
  11. I bought two TB WD Red's in September, I had one that showed disk errors after the first week, but it was RMA'd and they both work great.
  12. Not gonna take the chance. I could return them but since I bought them online it's easier for me to just RMA them through WD. Thanks for the tips though. The long test should be completed shortly, and I'll update this thread. Other than that they have (seemingly) run perfect. They run nice and cool, and the speeds saturate my gigabit ethernet so no complaints from me. I did run into a problem in that I had them formatted to ext4 and it was only showing 5.1TB of free space, but when I tried out XFS it reported 5.5TB free of space. I'm not sure if its these drives or if ex
  13. RMA has been issued, and I am currently running a long test on the second WD Red 6TB I purchased.