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  1. After leaving this for a couple of days and checking today, it looks like the mover has done its job and the cache is now just about empty. Thanks for the help everyone!
  2. Got it, thanks! I've updated both shares so it's now on the "Yes" setting. I've given it a good 20 minutes, the mover is apparently running yet my cache is still at 100% usage. Do I need to manually resolve this or will the cache drive empty itself? The files that exist on the cache now, are they copies or are they the only version of those files? What do I need to do to get this sorted?
  3. Hi, I posted a few days ago about all my shares disappearing. This had happened because my 120GB SSD cache drive had filled up and when I changed my share settings to no longer use the cache samba was unable to restart. Rebooting the server fixed this. I did however notice that after the reboot, my cache drive was at 100% capacity. I needed to upgrade it anyway so I bought a 480GB SSD which I installed this morning. I booted the server, formatted the new SSD drive and set it up as a cache. I started up the array and immediately I could see that data was being written to
  4. Thanks for your help. It looks like a reboot has fixed the problem. I've bought a bigger SSD for my cache so that this won't be a problem anymore. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I've attached the diagnostics file as you mentioned. Thanks mooncake-diagnostics-20210504-0113.zip
  6. Hi, The strangest thing just happened. I have (well, had) 2 shares - "Storage" and "House". I was transferring around 300GB of data onto "Storage" using Windows file explorer. I saw that my cache disk was getting full and even with the mover running it wasn't clearing it out fast enough. My share was set to "Yes" for using the cache pool however due to the impending lack of space I changed this to "No". I hit the save button and suddenly both of my shares have vanished from the UI and the data transfer stopped. My computer is no longer able
  7. Thanks for clarifying! I'm currently getting it setup to sync to Backblaze so that's my backup sorted
  8. Sweet, that's all my questions answered. I'll be hitting that purchase button shortly Thanks!!
  9. Hi all, I've got a new Unraid build - a simple box with 4 HDDs (one as a parity) alongside an SSD for caching. I've got a few days left on my trial and so far it's been great. Before I go ahead and purchase, I wanted to clarify on something. I've gone through various bits of documentation and read countless threads on this forum but I can't seem to find a definitive answer to this question... 1. In my 4 HDD setup (with one as a parity), if I were to lose one of those non-parity disks, can 100% of that data be recovered from the parity? 2. If t