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  1. Hi, original issue recurred today. Diagnostics attached, have not rebooted. Suspected corrupted docker image, deleted it, but now cannot restart docker service. tower-diagnostics-20200903-2111.zip
  2. Will do, thank you. Can I manually flush the cache drive somehow beyond having TRIM enabled on it?
  3. Diagnostics attached. tower-diagnostics-20200825-1840.zip
  4. Hi all, Been having issues with my PiHole docker that escalated to "Docker Service" failed to start errors. I'm not certain if this is limited to the docker image itself or whether it's indicative of something else, hence why I'm posting here first. I've restarted my unRAID box a few times and had things run fine only for things to recur; digging in the logs revealed the following: Aug 25 17:18:14 Tower emhttpd: shcmd (1350): /usr/local/sbin/mount_image '/mnt/user/system/docker/docker.img' /var/lib/docker 20 Aug 25 17:18:14 Tower root: truncate: cannot open '/m
  5. Hi all, Not sure what's happened here, successfully updated to 5.2 without issue, went to look at my lists just now and seeing two different issues: 1/ This error in Group Management. Do I need to go through the JSON debugging process or is something else at play here? 2/ This error in settings. Both were not apparent a few days ago and I've not changed anything in my docker or Pi-Hole config that I'm aware of. All help appreciated, thanks! ETA: Tried to restart the docker, got execution error 403 and now cannot start the docker. ETA agai
  6. Now in bash for the Pihole container itself but in well over my head. Suspect the script would need changing to work properly within the container context.
  7. Hi all, Apologies if this isn't the right forum, but given it's Pihole related and on unRAID, I thought I'd start here. I want to implement this script https://gitlab.com/grublets/youtube-updater-for-pi-hole/-/tree/master in order to see if I can have better results blocking YouTube ads across my devices. I've followed the readme, edited and saved the file. I am stuck in scheduling it - I've looked at the CA User Scripts plugin but am definitely no cron/linux expert - far from it. Do I need to move this script to the flash drive or is there a way to get it t
  8. Thanks! Workaround at the moment is to install the CA Auto Update Applications plugin and then apply it to the docker settings. Now updated correctly and fine.
  9. Hi @spants, forgive the newbie question but will the new template fix the above issue or is this due to something else?
  10. Two things: Also interested in an answer to the above as my Youtube ad blocking is currently broken to the point of not always retaining that I'm signed in. My install currently showing that there's an upgraded docker image available but upon attempting to upgrade, pulls zero data, stops and then restarts the docker. Anyone else seeing the same? Thanks, John
  11. This is now resolved as of the latest update.
  12. No disrespect to AdGuard or those using it but shouldn't discussion about it be in a separate thread?
  13. Other update just now but version numbers haven't changed? Functionality is fine so I'm not 100% sure if I have to go to CLI as the post suggests?
  14. Unexpected update to the docker yesterday - am I on a dev version? Pi-hole Version vDev (HEAD, v4.3-0-g1d43c0a) Web Interface Version vDev (HEAD, v4.3-0-g44aff72) FTL Version v4.3.1