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  1. I am having a problem and hopefully someone can help me. I managed to get Wireguard to work just fine. But due to a really bad power outage and my UPS loosing power thus my server loosing power, it doesn't work anymore. I have tried everything that I can think of. Since I was just starting everything, I haven't done much to my server. With that being said, I even went so far to formatting the bootable thumb drive and trying again. But nothing that I do works any more. List of things that I have done (trying to do it in order): Different configuration on server and peers. Uninstalling/reinstalling the plugin and the programs on the peers. Checked DDNS settings to make sure they were still pointing to my IP Address. Checked my router settings to make sure that there was still port forwarding enabled. Temporarily created a container with the same port settings in the port forwarding settings to see if I can access it through the web. I could. Instead of using the domain name I used just the IP address. Formatting the unRAID thumb drive and clearing everything. Trying different configurations again. None of these things have worked. Am I missing anything?