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  1. Nothing showed up in syslog, but the card is supposed to arrive today, hopefully that will sort it
  2. I've ordered a Syba PCIe 1x sata card, will it work if I just shuck the drive and use the HBA or do I have to rebuild parity Is there any way of confirming that the problem was infact the USB
  3. If this is the reason then I am completely screwed, I don't have any more SATA ports, and since its a 1.5 TB I assume I have to replace it with the same size drive which rules out restoring the old config. Strange that it would show up now and not after adding the drive
  4. Yes, USB3, worth noting that the slowdown followed this change but not immediately, it was a few days after I did it.
  5. I have an unraid box which will randomly slow to a crawl (SMB transfers time out, webgui mostly unresponsive, dockers unreachable/time out, can't even start HTOP till system returns), top reports high load averages but low CPU usage during these times Hardware Intel i7-6700 12 GB DDR4 4x1tb internal drives (2 toshiba, 2 WD) 1x 1.5tb seagate expansion 2.5 as a parity (connected via USB 3.0) 1x onboard nic 1x TP link gigabit PCIe NIC HP x705w USB (boot) Recent Hardware changes Changed from Ryzen 3 - 1200 to inte
  6. I dont know if anyone has mentioned it, but you need to also pass through 9003 (udp) and 9100-9200 (tcp) if you are not using host networking