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  1. Thank you very much for the helpful information. A small question, video card connected this way? If so, then this is just an excellent motherboard for Intel processors.
  2. Good day! Thank you very much for your time. As far as I understand, for Ultra, both graphics cards will be in the same IOMMU group and you will need to enable the ACS patch. I wonder how stable the system will be with ACS turned on. In any case, write about your experience, thanks!
  3. Good day! Friends, which of the motherboards would you recommend to buy? 1. Z590 VISION G 2. Z590 AORUS ULTRA Basically, I want an intel platform, since there is a built-in graphic editor and it helps well in plex transcoding. In general, it is supposed to use two VMs, with nVidia 1660Ti and nVidia 1060 6Gb video cards. It is also desirable to transfer m2 NVMe to each VM. The Gigabyte brand is preferable because you can choose a video adapter in bios. Thank!