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  1. Hello, I've done a topic search and was unable to find an answer to this, so apologies if this was already stated somewhere else in this thread/topic. Is there a way to have Deluge send a notification if the VPN fails / drops connection? Ideally through Unraids agents, but I'll take any path that is available and easy`ish to implement. Recently had a VPN provider make some changes and put deluge down, which broke other services until I corrected the Wireguard connection file. I was unaware of the problem until a user brought it to my attention, so having a notification for this would be handy. Thanks!
  2. From what I can tell there is no easy way to do that as Plex has killed plugin support. Ombi is an external manager for requests. You can setup a domain name and push it to your Ombi server or there is an app that can connect to it. You can have it linked with the users Plex account, so it will use Plex OAuth for them to sign in.
  3. All of a sudden my privoxy issues have resolved. I am able to use it with no problems, and I have made no changes to anything. Possible Mullvad issue? Dunno. Anyways, you can ignore my previous help request. Thanks!
  4. Requested file has been attached.
  5. Having an issue with the privoxy side of things. It's worked for a good while using both PIA and Mullvad (newest), and I've made no major changes I can think of recently to cause any problems. But I am unable to use the proxy now for some reason. I have re-uploaded the mullvad config files. I am able to get into the Deluge webUI, so I know it's created a tunnel (or thinks it has), and yet I can not proxy through it via web browser, or Jackett (which is how I found out it was failing). I've attached the most recent reboot log. Below are my settings with VPN ID's hidden. Let me know any thought into the issue and how I might resolve it. Thanks!