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  1. I haven't proceeded yet, but from what I saw you can use Fail2Ban on both the vault and the admin access page. I'll also look into installing a SSL client auth on the admin page.. Edit: Reply below is way better.
  2. The docker unexpectedly came back 'Healthy' when I dropped various ports forwarding and my HAProxy reverse proxy in my pfsense router... Strange. I am in the process of moving everything through a letsencrypt container on the unraid server instead, with a proper domain name. Will see if the issue reoccur using this setup.
  3. First of all, great job with this docker, thanks! I'm having troubles trying to fix an issue. My BitWarden server seems to crash after a couple of hours. Tried with the latest and alpine releases, same thing. The container logs shows 'Uptime 6 hours (unhealthy)' but when I click on them, I only see normal logs, with my recent syncs and admin logins. If I restart the docker, it works 100% fine for a couple of hours. I can run commands in the container console. BW is not accessible either on LAN or via my reverse proxy, so this doesn't seem to be the problem, it