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  1. Seriously, the easiest thing to do is look up a guy called space invader one on YouTube and find his community applications video and follow it
  2. Hi all. my bios setting reset and HVM got turned off. when I turned on unraid and the VM tried to auto run it failed and for some reason the template got deleted but not the image file. i tried to add the template back manually but now it will not boot. i am sure i have all the settings right. thanks in advance. the VM was freepbx and I had only just set it up last week and my drives for the new unraid array are arriving today so I do not have backups etc yet.. silly me
  3. can we upgrade the docker to v14 yet? has anyoen tried?
  4. you need to downgrade your install change the respository yo "linuxserver/nextcloud:140" and it will downgrade it. then you will need to manually upgrade next cloud to v13 and then remove the ":140" part and upgrade and you will be fine.
  5. not really what its made for but if you put all of you files with in the nextcloud folder then yes.
  6. i did that lastest update and I just got a php is not compatable error so I downgraded NC to 140 and now I can not login with any username or password. it just times out and gives mie a blank browser screen. i am running maria as my DB
  7. it happened again, all of my torrents dropped from transmission and they are also gone from the folder on my nas. I have no idea what to check. I thought last time it was something I did but I was not even home this time i just noticed this in the logs Jun 2 20:18:52 N40L shfs/user: shfs_rmdir: rmdir: /mnt/disk4/torrents/TV SHOW NAME folder/tv show name (39) Directory not empty
  8. when i install it it works fine. and it is set to enabled. just so you know I am running unraid 5.0.5
  9. my nas shutdown the other day and all of my torrents disappeared and not transmission will not auto load when the nas restarts. i do not really care about he torrents but i would like to know what happened to them but i really would like to get transmission working again. everytime the nas reboots transmission needs to be manually installed
  10. I purchased two new 3tb drives and they precleared in under two days. Put the slow precleared disk in my pc and it came up with bad sectors and heaps of them!
  11. I moved from the old plugin for sab to phaze v2 and installed emby server over the weekend now the plex media server i run will not auto scan my directories. if I manually scan it is fine. any one have any idea what could have changes?
  12. My issue is I run an hp micro server so I can not move the drives or change cables etc. I will have to do some reading about the micro servers to see what I can do. I have another 2tb drive which gets a random smart error about temp so I will give that a try and see if the preclude is any faster
  13. thanks for the help, it was in an external drive case but that failed for some unknown reason. But the drive worked fine for 6 months afterwards once I removed it from the case. I can not remember it getting dropped but I do have young kids LOL. So I should stop the pre-clear check the cables and try again?
  14. syslog is now attached syslog-1.zip
  15. I found a 2TB samsung drive that I have not use for some time so I thought I would had it to my array. I put it in and started preclear from command line using screen. while the preclear is working it has been going for 22 hours almost and has only done 7%. I noticed it is running at around 2MB/s. I am sure last time I precleared a drive it was more like 40MB/s. I have run a smart report and it is attached. what else can I test? thanks in advance. smart.txt