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  1. @dmacias- can you add Serf back into the Nerd Tools package? It seems to have dropped at some point. Thanks for the great work on this!
  2. Thanks, Saarg. The picons was Linux ignorance on my part. I wasn't running the ls with the right parameters, but I see it now. Regarding the zap2it grabber - I don't speak Linux well, so I probably didn't explain it correctly. I wasn't proposing it being added directly to the docker, but rather was referring to challenges experienced during it's manual installation. In attempting the install of the zap2it grabber, I get a message stating that the JSON::XS module is necessary. When I attempt to install the JSON::XS module using cpanm, I get failures indicating that it can't make (maybe the wrong word there) the package at the end of the install. I don't want to run it against my (now working) docker, but I could spin up another and grab some screenshots if it will help explain it better. perl -MCPAN -e 'install JSON::XS'
  3. And a question: The page here makes mention of Icons being included in the docker image, but I'm not seeing the /picons directory. Is it there and I'm not seeing it?
  4. Now onto a request: I'm currently using the SchedulesDirect method, using tv_grab_zz_sdjson. It works, but I'd rather use the Zap2it method (since it's free). I've tried to configure it using both the automated method and the manual method, but both bomb out since the needed Perl components aren't in the docker. I've tried installing the components via myriad means, but cannot get them to fully install since Make isn't part of the docker. Any thoughts of how to get around this? Or am I missing something? Thanks for the great work on the Docker!
  5. For those of you who are struggling with getting your HDHomeRun Prime working nicely with this docker (I was one), I found the two items below as a key to getting them to work: 1. Make sure you set the view to Expert at the Application level...not just by setting it on the individual tab you are on. This was preventing me from seeing the full EPG Grabber options. 2. Once I had that done, this article was perfect. If I had found this early on in my searches, I would have avoided a whole lot of head scratching and would have saved a lot of time.
  6. Rebooted and same thing. Do I have a formatting in my future? tower-diagnostics-20170312-1435.zip
  7. Hey all, Been having some issues with my Unraid box since my upgrade to 6.3.2. Noticed on my monitor connected to the box that I was seeing a series of "BTRFS csum failed" errors, which through reading suggested that it might be a problem with my docker container. So.....just rebooted the server, was prepared to delete the docker file and reconfigure, and now my Cache drive is showing as unmountable. Nothing has changed on the box from a HW perspective, and the only major SW change on it was the addition of a Plex Docker. I've attached my diagnostics file...anything jump out as bad? I'd really, really prefer to not have to revert to a backup and rebuild, but prepared to do so if necessary. Thanks! Ryan tower-diagnostics-20170312-1225.zip
  8. I don't believe I had it on, but I went ahead and set 7k MTU on both the Windows PC and the Unraid box. No change.
  9. See attached. tower-diagnostics-20161023-1225.zip
  10. Hey all, I'm experiencing some pretty poor network transfers between my primary PC and my Unraid box (10 MB/s). Steps I've taken to address: 1. Verified both computers show 1GBs for network. 2. Tried two different switches, both of which are gigabit capable 3. Tried multiple cables between the computers and the switch, all of which are gigabit capable. 4. Tried two different NICs on my Windows PC, both of which are gigabit capable. 5. Tested Read/Write Speeds on my Windows PC. Results are excellent. 700+ MB/s for each. 6. Ran the drive speed script that's floating around in the forums here for my SSD cache drive. 250MB/s+ 7. Created a share on my cache drive only. Got the same transfer result. 8. Created a share on one of the drives in my array. Got the same transfer result. So...I'm at a bit of a loss here. Not sure what else I should test. Any thoughts?
  11. That did it. Ran XFS_Repair, found some issues, repaired them. All good. Thanks!
  12. A bit more info after troubleshooting: 1. I can get into the WebUI if I unplug the Cache Drive. 2. I can get into the WebUI if I don't have the drives auto-mount. 3. If I attempt to mount the drives without the Cache drive mapped, it works fine. 4. If I attempt to mount the drives with the Cache drive mapped, it just clocks. 5. If I attempt to leave it unassigned and then try to mount it using the Unassigned Drive plugin, it just clocks. So...appears somethings up with the Cache. Not sure if it's tied to 6.2.1, but seems rather coincidental. Thinking about going back to 6.2 to see if it makes any difference. Thoughts or any other approach I should take?
  13. Updated to 6.2.1 yesterday. System seemed to slow down a bit as the day went on. Today pretty much came to a standstill, had to do a hard reset. Upon rebooting, I went into terminal, looked at /mnt. One second cache was there, next it wasn't WebUI is totally unresponsive...just keeps spinning. When I terminal in now, I can see the cache drive when I go to /dev/disk/by-id but not love otherwise. Any thoughts?
  14. Thanks alot... It won't go to waste I'm having one right now, so cheers