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  1. Not specifically a unraid question, but is someone able to explain what the new "keep link" option is in post processing? There doesn't appear to be a wiki entry for it, and the github request kinda seems odd. The way I understood, "symlink" kept the files in the download directory, and created a symlink to the media directory. "Hardlink" moves the files to the media directory and creates a symlink back to the download directory. What does keep link to thats different to either of the above?
  2. I don't have letsencrypt, nor port forwarding. This is a simple local install for the time being as I am behind CG-NAT - direct local connection between two machines on the same LAN.
  3. I think I am starting to lose my mind trying to make NextCloud work, just as a local service at this stage, without reverse proxy etc. I have followed both the installation guide at the beginning of this thread, and SpaceInvaderOne's guide to the letter, multiple times now over the last day. MariaDB installs ok, I am able to create the databases required. When I get to the WebUI setup for NextCloud, I am always brought to a halt by "504 Gateway TimeOut" Checking the NextCloud error log I see "2020/04/29 11:35:41 [error] 358#358: *4 upstream timed out (110: Operation timed out) while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: _, request: "POST /index.php HTTP/2.0", upstream: "fastcgi://", host: "" If I try again, I get an error that "user already exists" but I can't seem to be able to get past the installation webui. I see that this question has been asked previously in this thread, but there was no response to it. I also see a couple of reddit posts specifically asking the same question in relation to unraid and nextcloud, but with no solutions either. Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated please.