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  1. @cmccambridge is there any option to activate the feature "rotate image automatically"? Sometimes I have documents in landscape and I dont want to rotate them manually
  2. Yes but some things - as far as I read out - cant be solved. Links for example. If I hit a link in any of the services (Twitter, Feedly etc) within Ferdi it wont work because he dont know how to open the browser on the client side. Citrix for example is able to open links published in remote applications with local resources. But maybe this feature lags only in the macOS version of turboVNC.. 🤷‍♂️
  3. We use Citrix on our work clients and I'm pretty impressed due to the features and the complete native behavior. My goal to achieve is, that I use the resources of my unRaid server to run the apps while having the same usage experience if I installed the app right on my Macmini
  4. Hi there, is there any way that unRAID is capable of providing apps like e.g. Citrix does? I know that I can use a VNC client to use a unRaid app (docker) remotely on a client without the hassle of using a browser, but for anyone who ever uses Citrix, VNC is amateur class while Citrix is master class In general VNC is a solution as well but while I'm using VNC to use "Ferdi-Docker" on my MacMini I see a lot of disadvantages. Menubar of the VNC client itself - if Citrix publish an app you couldn't see any visual difference from running the same app natively or via citrix. It looks and feels like you installed it right on your client. Menu / Icons on the client system. If you use VNC, the icon is - obviously - always VNC. If there is a native way for virtualize apps like citrix, the app got the same Icon on the client as you expected when running the app natively. No "nice/easy way" to start a VNC app on client startup. Maybe via script - but thats not nice/easy. If you look at Citrix for reference you can easily start apps on startup of your client because they all behave like they where installed locally. No glitches or any other visual "misbehaviors" when using the app Please recognize Citrix only for reference for features I like to have. Is there any way to achieve this goal via unRaid without paying thousands of €/$ to Citrix? It's not economical to buy a "business app" for a single user solution... mostly due to the lack of money 🙈🤣 Thanks for any hints or solutions. Have a nice weekend and stay healthy.
  5. Hit and sunk! TurboVNC seems to be the best choice. Rescaling works now. Thanks for that! Translation error/misunderstanding The app itselfs sure stays open because it's running on the server. But it's not running on my client anymore Sometimes I close Safari completely but still running WhatsApp, Twitter, Slack as "native apps" -- so I can use them "decoupled" from running Safari. But that is - obviously - not possible when you use dockers within in the browser. So VNC is a good solution - because now I can close my browser but WhatsApp can still be used due to TurboVNC But I'll search the web for an alternative to Citrix - because this is the "best you can get" solution when looking for running remote hosted apps on a client seamlessly. Maybe I'll find some useful stuff. Thanks for your help. Have a nice day and stay healthy!
  6. @ich777 Sadly using VNC isn't a good option. Resizing/scaling of the services within Ferdi wont work when resizing the vnc window. (see screenshot) Is there any way that the service recognize the resizing and being "responsive"?? Or is there any other way that I can run those apps on my client without a browser... some kind like citrix does with their "virtual app feature" where app running remotely and using the ressources of the remote server but can be used independent on a client. Using this kind of apps in a browser feels some kind of "useless" - because you cant move/resize it detached from your browser and if you close your browser you instantly close - as in my case - Twitter, WhatsApp, Slack as well
  7. Thanks @ich777 - that does the trick So if I understand you right, this configuration is mandatory for every docker that doesn't provide this by default, right?
  8. Forgive me my unknowingness but you "Ferdi-Client" App is my first "active" docker app. I already use Pihole or some OCR apps as docker but in this cases these dockers are just "services" for me - configured and forgotton But in this case I want to use your ferdi client on a daily basis to save memory on my MacMini M1. So I installed Ferdi, fired it up and want to connect via VNC Viewer by entering the IP of my server plus the port 8080 - but wasn't able to achieve this. Is there something I need to change or can dockers (in general) only be used within a browser. 🙈
  9. Hi there, one thing that bothers me, is the way to start my virtual machine. I only have a gaming vm that's not running 24/7 and only need to be fired up temporary. Current way is to start your browser, open the URL, log in and start your vm. Yes - this is a solution - but not smart So I build this simple script to start my vm with just a simple click I don't use windows or linux but I be pretty sure that this can be easy adopted For users of MacOs its pretty simple to realize due to the script editor. Requirement: You need to enable ssh-key authentication as described here Start the script editor and copy the following into the editor try do shell script "/usr/bin/ssh root@ virsh start Windows_10q35_5_own_vBIOS" if result contains "Domain Windows_10q35_5_own_vBIOS started" then display notification "VM started successfully" with title "Gaming VM" else display notification "VM couldn't started" with title "Gaming VM" end if on error display notification "Script Error" with title "Gaming VM" end try Only a few things must to be changed based on your preferences - the IP-Adress of your unraid server - in my script the - the name of your virtual machine - in my script the Windows_10q35_5_own_vBIOS Other things can be changed due to your personal needs. That concerns all parameters in " " regarding the display notification. Save the script as an app and change the app icon to your wishes After that you can enable MacOS notifications to get the most out of the script. (see screenshot) Ultimate lazy? Maybe you already own "QuickLinks" or other similar apps. With this you can fire up your vm with a simple shortcut P.S Most common errors are - Domain is already active --> That means, that the virtual machine is already started - Domain can't be found --> That indicates, that you got a typo where you set the name of your vm I'm not a developer - all things above based on my research with google - but I'll check if I can add an error specific notification in the future. In the current script you're only able to see the specific error within the script editor app. I hope some of you found that little helper useful. Have a nice weekend.
  10. mmhhh is there any option to get a network log so that I can enable the logging - click on "Plugins" - and analyze the log after that?
  11. @Hoopsterany special settings that you've done for unRAID? 10 seconds is that what I expected that it has to be
  12. @ChatNoirmmhhh as I feared Any ideas what can cause that? It's definitely not a bandwidth thing. I got 100Mbit/s - fixed line - from the #1 provider in my country which never delivers less than that. But I changed my whole network to UniFi a couple of months ago. Maybe there's the problem. But - imo - a firewall can't be the issue either, or? I mean - firewall problems are "always" or "never" There is no "sometimes" in a firewall problem - as far as I think
  13. That it checks automatically is ok - I also run the autoupdate. Everything fine - it's just more a question of interests. 🤓 I just wondering about the time it takes. When I run a update check on my linux vm - or on my windows vm - or on my native Mac or iPad, iPhone or nearly any other "thing" that runs apps and need to check for updates, it just last for a couple of seconds. I mean - it's just a simple transport of bytes checking whether or not a new version is online. Why this last for minutes? Even 20 seconds (1 sec per installed plugin - in my case) is "a long time" when comparing to the others mentioned above. As I said - just a question of interest - because maybe I have some fails in my config and other users are much faster 🙈
  14. Hi everybody, I'm wondering if you also need at least 60-120 seconds for the obligatory update check for plugins? Everything in the web GUI is super snappy - except the plugins section. Sometimes it needs 3 minutes and above to show all plugins and the current status (update available) Is this a normal behavior? Thanks for any reply.
  15. Due to the fact that I couldn't find any recommendations for a UPS - only that it needs to run the APC daemon (which cant be read out of any product specification) - I think a thread about some user feedbacks of their UPS would be nice for others. Especially for new ones after they meet the point when they got a power cut and need to wait for a parity check for hours I'll start because Santa has made me lucky this year 🥰 Model: CyberPower PR750RTXL2U (EU-Model name = PR750ERT2U) Capacity: 750 VA / 750 Watts Height: 2 HU / 19" Rack This UPS works fine with unRAID because it supports the above mentioned "APC DAEMON".