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  1. rcrh

    SSD utilization

    I both checked for that by going directly to the Cache and not to a share of the appdata and I did my checks immediately after running the Mover. But either way I think I'm OK now. Thanks.
  2. rcrh

    SSD utilization

    Caplam, I moved some things out of my appdata and Mover ran over night. Now my usage is down to about 88gb. The du reports 72gb in appdata so the 14gb docker image feels about right. It is strange to me how far off windows explorer is. Thanks for the help!
  3. I have an SSD that holds my docker image & my appdata fold. Over time the used space on SSD has crept up & I can't figure out why. I've run mover so it isn't files waiting to be moved to the array. If I go to the cache drive through my windows share I see the docker image at about 15 gig and the appdata folder that has about 23gig. Yet in unRaid the Main/Cache Device screen shows 121gig used. Any idea what might be eating up the 83gig?
  4. Oddly, I don't have that directory on my server. I'm running 6.8.2 I'm also not sure what you're suggesting I do.
  5. Oddly, I don't have that directory on my server. I'm running 6.8.2 I'm also not sure what you're suggesting I do.
  6. Is it possible to trigger the mover immediately after CA Backup completes? I have the pluggin creating its data on a share that's set to "use cache=yes" and I'd rather not leave my backup sitting on the cache drive until the scheduled mover. I guess I could create a new share that doesn't use the cache but then the backup will take significantly longer.
  7. I knew "what" the parity drive does but I didn't realize it did this without having an underlying format to the drive. Honestly I hadn't thought it through this deeply. Thanks for the link.
  8. I'm just finishing up the process of migrating my drives from ReiserFX to xFS. I've shuffled data around and slowly reformatted each drive. As I final step I assumed I'd have to reformat my parity drive and rebuild it. However, when I stopped the array and clicked on the drive tab for my parity drive I couldn't find an option for selecting the format of the drive. Did my parity drive automatically move to xFS when I moved from unraid 5.x to 6.x or am I not looking in the right place. Thanks in advance.
  9. That's one of the reasons I wanted to get off of ReiserFS, Thanks,
  10. I'm in the middle of migrating from ReiserFS to xFS by moving data off of each drive, formating it, and then moving data back. So far I've been able to do this within my array (6tb parity, 7x4tb data, 1x6tb data) but I'm not down to my 6tb drive. To get all of the data off of it I'll be leaving only about 100gb on each data drive. Do I run any performance or security risks by filling my array drives this full? I could probably find an external drive somewhere and move the data off of the server but I'd rather not. Thanks in advance.
  11. Doesn't "high water mark" fill one drive until it hits the high water mark and only then does it move onto the next drive? So with 14tb drives you're going to get 7tb on disk1 before anything is written to the next disk in the share.
  12. Yup. Seems I got this all wrong. I'll be back later. *** I think I got confused because even right after the mover completed I still had files in appdata on the array. It didn't occur to me that it would be files that were in use during the mover operation. I shut down all of my dockers and ran Mover again and now everything in appdata has been moved from my array. So now I'll go and study the CA backup plugin like I should have in the first place. Thanks all.
  13. I've just set up an SSD cache drive & I've set up my appdata share as "preferred". My understanding is that each time the mover is run everything syncs between the cache drive & the parity protected array while also ensuring that routine access to the files will be from the cache drive for performance. If this is right I have two questions: 1) Since the mover keeps all of my appdata backed up what is the point of the CA backup plugin? 2) Is there any reason to NOT put the docker image in the appdata share so that is also "moved" to the array and then protected by parity? Thanks.
  14. thanks. That's a lot of reading but I found what I'm looking for.
  15. Still working through the process. I finished my first copy using MC but I'm not sure how to do a verify. Got another hint? Thanks!