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  1. I just had a power failure that crapped my SSD and I want to confirm the steps I should follow to recover it. (Note: I use CA to install my dockers & CABackup to backup up my appdata each night). 1) format & mount the SSD 2) comfirm that the SSD is now accessible 3) us CA to reinstall my dockers 4) us CABackup to restore my most recent back. Am I missing anything? Do I have to stop the docker service prior to the CABackup restore? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for that info. I agree that there are lots of photo apps but nothing that makes it's photos available to an Apple TV.
  3. Will this only work for music into iTunes? I'm trying to get photos from my unRaid server into itunes. I've pointed the docker to my photos share but when I launch the docker's web interface it just says "connection lost. reconnection". Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. I'd like to view photos stored on my unRaid server on my Apple TV but it seems to require "home sharing" be running. Is it possible to run this on my server?
  5. Nothing so far. Kinda disappointing. Mostly in Apple but still dissappointed.
  6. Yeah, I read about that but then I'm not sure why I get 4 times the speed running Deluge on my Windows PC with the NordVPN client on. It should have the same limitation of port forwarding. The different should only be the use of NordLynx (their wireguard protocol). Am I missing something else?
  7. I'm using this docker to send my deluge traffic through my NordVPN connection. Everything is set up and I'm getting the IP address provided by NordVPN. But, while using the OpenVPN TCP profile I'm only getting about 25% of my bandwidth. I know there are a lot of moving parts involved in torrent traffic but should I be seeing this kind of drop in download speeds? I'm assuming it's because of the encryption of the OpenVPN protocol. Is there anything I can look at tweaking to improve this? Here's a limited bit of testing I did: Deluge with no VPN on UnRaid 26-30 MiBS/s Deluge with no VPN on Windows 25-30 MiBS/s Deluge with NordVPN on Windows PC 25-30 MiBS/s Deluge with NordVPN on unRaid 8MiBS/s My internet service is 750 Mb/s and both my Windows computer & Unraid server are on gigabit ethernet cards (no wifi involved). Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Any updates on this? Has anyone found a docker that supports NordVPN's implementation of Wireguard (NordLynx)?
  9. Have you or anyone else made any progress on this? I'm currently using the binhex-delugevpn docker to send my network traffic through NordVPN but man does using openvpn clobber my download speeds. I'd love to get a docker that uses NordLynx instead of openvpn.
  10. Has anyone come up with a way to play a slideshow on an Apple TV of photos stored on my unRaid server? This really isn't an Unraid question but I'm hoping there might be a docker out there that I haven't seen yet. It seems Apple's own photo app will only work this iTunes or iCloud and I really don't want to have my laptop running all the time (that's kinda why I have an unRaid server). I've looked at Plex but their Apple TV client doesn't have this super basic feature. So, is there anything I can do on the unRaid side that would make my photo collection available to my Apple TV? Thanks in advance!
  11. I both checked for that by going directly to the Cache and not to a share of the appdata and I did my checks immediately after running the Mover. But either way I think I'm OK now. Thanks.
  12. Caplam, I moved some things out of my appdata and Mover ran over night. Now my usage is down to about 88gb. The du reports 72gb in appdata so the 14gb docker image feels about right. It is strange to me how far off windows explorer is. Thanks for the help!
  13. I have an SSD that holds my docker image & my appdata fold. Over time the used space on SSD has crept up & I can't figure out why. I've run mover so it isn't files waiting to be moved to the array. If I go to the cache drive through my windows share I see the docker image at about 15 gig and the appdata folder that has about 23gig. Yet in unRaid the Main/Cache Device screen shows 121gig used. Any idea what might be eating up the 83gig?
  14. Oddly, I don't have that directory on my server. I'm running 6.8.2 I'm also not sure what you're suggesting I do.