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  1. Sorry I mean I have 1 pc that does the plotting and holds some plots, and then I have the majority of my plots on a windows share on the unraid server, which I have connected to the main machine as a mapped drive BUT i figure it will be better for partial speed etc if i have the unraid as a harvester itself seeing as the plots are on it anyway
  2. Sorry if this is obvious but I'm lost and thank you in advance, I want to set it up as JUST A HARVESTER, so i have: 'just a harvester' set to true, i have input the ip address of the pc with my main node running (the farmer?) and I have the network set to 'host' but the docker will not start, Can you confirm: if i only have 1 pc plotting and 1 pc holding plots (harvester?) do i set the full node AND farmer to the same ip address? what is the full node port and farmer port? how do I find them?