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  1. You're the best! I don't mind testing it on a loop for a few hours and sending the logs if you could do with a hand
  2. Hi @binhex, could you please update this image with the changes made on the deluge version for getting tokens?
  3. Havw you defined your config directory as a permanent or bound volume?
  4. I deleted my config and started again with this container before I saw this reccomendation. Problem is that now the script fails before the line that creates this config file so now i'm kind of stuck. If the solution is to change the endpoint, this endpoint has been unavailable for 2 weeks, is it worth therefor changing the default endpoint on the script to one that still works? NEw PIA users of this container will have the same problem as me, in that the endpoint can't be chosen. I've also attached my logs just in case it's actually something different.
  5. Sorry to necromance this response, but I'm having the same issues but that link no longer links, I've been through most of the specific support topic for that docker and can't see anything similar, can you help me out?