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  1. Don't forget to wrap the usage of those variables as well. It's not just the assigning of dirtemp and dirstore but also every single time you use/reference them. That's just good programming practice but if the coder uses something without spaces like test or backup then they might be lazy and not ensure there are double quotes around all the variables. Since you want spaces you'll need to ensure all variables that might have a space in the contents are wrapped properly.
  2. I had the same need, so I just created my own script. just scroll up a few posts and I outlined what I did. Here is a direct link to it:
  3. I just wanted an icon or two for VM's and not the whole banner and icon 'repo concept' of spaceinvader one's great work. So I made a very simple script that copies any PNG file in the root of the flash drive. Same exact steps to install the script just made it instead be: #!/bin/bash # this script copies all png files from flash drive to vm icon folder rsync -a /boot/*.png /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.vm.manager/templates/images if you want a bit more of a robust script with error reporting, logging, cleanup of permissions, etc this would work as well: #!/bin/bash # this scri