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  1. Anyone have any idea why I can't get Remote access to work? It's not a router setting or such because when I install plex server on my Windows desktop remote access is not a problem. Only my plex docker installation on Unraid doesn't get remote access and I don't know what I'm doing wrong... The weird thing is that It goes to green when I retry but 10 seconds later it disconnects. But on my windows desktop this is not a problem that server works. So why not on my unraid installation?? *update: nevermind this question, problem was my VPN*
  2. hmm I've done everything in the video. But my google drive isn't showing in Krusader. Rclone works fine in Terminal but I can't see any files in de disks folder when accessing it in Krusader. Any idea what might be the problem? I used the standerd mount script like stated in the video where I change the path to ''/mnt/disks'' and the remote to ''googledrive:''. But not working. Any idea what might be wrong?
  3. Thx for the Wireguard manual! This manual fixed my problem with my router VPN. I forgot to enable UPnP in the Management Access settings on the Unraid server. Now I can acess my containers through my VPN. So it was as little as that . Thx!
  4. I'm running 6.8.3 Unraid. Where do I find WireGuard? Can't seem to find it. Version of OpenVPN I tried using is the linuxserver version OpenVPN as in a docker container. As with my router, yeah it's very strange. Or do I need to setup something in de containers I want to reach when using the VPN? Maybe I forgot something
  5. Hi, community, this is my first post as a new Unraid user coming from FreeNas. I'm loving Unraid so far but I'm struggling with OpenVPN. The reason I want to use it, Is because I like being in control when I'm on the road if I want to add a nzb to SABnzb or I want to add a new series to Sonarr or Sickchill and so on. Now I tried at first setting up OpenVPN on the Unraid server. Which worked locally but not remote.. for what reason whatsoever... So I tried setting it up on the router (ASUS GT-AX11000). This works locally and remote! So I thought I did it. But for some reason I can't access my containers... or anything from Unraid. I can access my router and other stuff in my network remotely but not Unraid. Any help would be appreciated.