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  1. OK all clear. Then it would be enough to have the ability to permanently disable a useless drive from UnRaid.
  2. ok but an unassigned drive is not an array drive but a single drive. You can use it but you have no redundancy benefits.
  3. Well an idea could be to make sure that the UnRaid license only counts the hard drives that are actually composing the array and not anything that connects to the PC.
  4. Sorry but the situation is becoming URGENT. I have an UnRaid Server stopped only because UnRaid detects a USB drive of a few MB, which I absolutely cannot get rid of. Any way to deactivate this unit and restart UnRaid ?????
  5. I cannot remove the media because it does not appear anywhere in the iLO. It is not the usual ISO that you mount to boot the server, that is just a few Mb memory used by the iLO to boot Intelligent Provisioning. How do I block the vendor ID of a device from the system? I have the Array blocked for some stupid .... I'm sad ....
  6. I tried to download the iSCSI driver as you said but it returns error: root @ UnRaid: ~ # rmmod iscsi_tcp rmmod: ERROR: Module iscsi_tcp is not currently loaded also added /boot/config/modprobe.d/iscsi_override.conf and restarted but nothing changes.
  7. I wanted to report a BUG that does not allow me to create and start the array correctly. As you can see from the ScreenShot I have connected - 4 HDDs of 8Tb - 2 SSD from 1Tb for a total of 6 attached storage. But the internal HP_iLO (intelligent provisioning) is detected as a storage unit and therefore the license does not start the array. The HP_iLO drive is absolutely not removable and this unfairly blocks the license I bought In this way it is unusable.