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  1. @Michael_P Thank you. - Probably some DNS entries in the unraid host file to handle local(LAN) IP addresses would be enough, I need to test that. About exposing it to the internet that is my whole point, I need it accessible from outside my Network but I'm going to consider VPN, otherwise I just need to do a full and enforced https setup, and probably a good fail2ban configuration. Thanks.
  2. Hello guys. I'm trying to get my head around a complete setup for my Unraid server where all dockers/containers/services could be reached or accessible using FQDN for example: - - - This will allow me to access my server from anywhere without any issues, I'm currently using Nginx Proxy Manager and is working properly for a few URLs. A couple of concerns: 1- When I'm in my local Network I don't want my request go through my WAN and Router after resolving my FQDN, when the request is within the LAN I want to keep it within the LAN but still be able to use the FQDN/URL. 2- All configurations between dockers/containers (Sonarr/Radarr/Plex/Bazarr/qBittorrent)should be done using those URLs/FQDN but still keep the communication within the LAN when possible. There is any guide out there about this kind of setup?
  3. @BRiT Great guide, something I will need to setup and test to check out how it behave with multiple streams. Thanks.
  4. I have a couple of issues with Google Team Drive: - Content Privacy. - Limit to 5TB(I think from a quick read) - There is no native/multi platform player like Plex have.(Unless I'm missing something) Thanks.
  5. I will be doing colocation for this Server so I would have 1 or 2 - 1Gbps Down/Up Link if needed, not specially worry about that. My concern is my i5-9400 with 5 Direct Play Streams is using about 20-30% of CPU.
  6. Good info here, so would be better many smaller HDDs(24 bays 2U-4U) rack case instead of a few big ones.(good point). Then finds a way to evenly distribute content which could be done with some coding and statistics coming from something like Tautulli to determine geo data, plays trending and automatically re-organize content. I don't expect to have 100 concurrent connections, that will be the worst/critical scenario. Thanks.
  7. @hawihoney - What I mean with direct streams is Plex Media Server Direct Play(forcing it to no transcode). - Content would be mostly 1080P H264 5.1 (SRT subtitiles), No interest in 4K until I get the Titan RTX(But this is not a must for me). - Client Side everyone will be using Plex Official Player. - I have no interest in supporting Mobile devices or Browser Players. - Drivers would be regular SATA Drivers a mix of 16TB and 8TB drivers(most likely Seagate Red). - Server would be of course using unRaid. Taking all this into consideration I will like to know which processor would be able to handle this load.
  8. Hello there. I'm wondering which hardware would be needed to be able to Direct Stream 50-100 (Plex Media Server), Direct Play no Transcoding. I'm thinking about a Dual Xeon setup with a dedicated 1GB Link and considering adding a Titan RTX in the future which theoretically can handle up to 48 hw trancodes. I have my eyes in Xeon E-2288G or I could wait for the new W-1X ones coming this year.
  9. I'm very interested in this processor too, do you have a final number/test of hw transcodes? And the 1million dollars question I'm unable to find anywhere, how many direct play streams can this or similar xeon processor handle?