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  1. I am faced with a similar problem running the docker image of qbittorrent using `docker-compose`. The path to my files reside in my container at: ``` /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Nas_Prog/_docker/vfs/dir/ef7a35b6d10995ee4b241aef15e327c15c595e07daaf25dfd2d11a0a181b97ed/shares/Public/Shared Videos/DragonBallSuper/ ``` my `docker-compose.yml` is almost identical to the default but I have changed the volumes as such: ``` volumes: - /var/lib/qbittorrent/config:/config - /shares/Transmission:/downloads ``` It appears to be a mounting issue,
  2. Were you able to figure this out? Trying to get this working with a docker container on my PR2100