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  1. Extreme lack of coffee, overwork and one eye on the ball Glad to hear I was wrong.
  2. Good thing I said it WILL be and not IS the best platform. It was announced like 4 months ago and already has working alphas out. The roadmap has a production release date of Q2 next year iirc. The product is made by iXSystems who are the ones who have been making FreeNAS, now called TrueNAS. They are re-writing the stack of TrueNAS to separate out the storage middleware so that is can be moved from FreeBSD to Linux, in their case, Debian since they merged ZFS codebases so ZFS development is the same across FreeBSD and Linux globally now. I'm not sure the focus on multiple array p
  3. Sad to see you go also, however TrueNAS SCALE will be THE platform for storage and containers, and it's free. I hope the introduction of SCALE makes the devs of Unraid look at what got them here, which is community apps. I'd argue most people are here because of Invader Ones videos on docker apps or other community developed features. Poor attitudes and inclusiveness towards devs means they won't contribute their free time enhancing your paid product.. Telling people to also look for another platform if they don't like it here is pretty poor, seeing as though without your community you're just
  4. Hi, Any update to this feature? It is something I would like to take advantage of but can't currently. Thanks