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  1. I have a H200 flashed as a LSI 9211-8i in IT mode in my R510, I have two 12TB white label WD drives (WD120EMFZ and WD120EDAZ). Both of those drives are showing link speed of 6Gbps but negotiated at 3Gbps. My other capacity WD white label drives are showing as negotiated link speed of the full 6Gbps. Any suggestions?
  2. would a drive that runs only at 3Gbps and also throwing an error cause some of the others to be slowed down? I am checking the FW of the expander now but believe its up to latest.
  3. Forgot to attach the diagnostic logs.
  4. I am a new Unraid user and have a few drives installed in a R510, yesterday I had a drive that was listing in Unraid as Sata 3.2 (6Gbps) but running at 3Gbps speeds. I read in a previous forum about shutting down the array and reseating the drives in their caddies to the backplane. I had done that now I have a few drives that are reporting the same (Sata 3.2 running at 3Gpbs). I am attaching my system log for further help. Please let me know what else I could be looking at. I do want to mention I have a 2Tb drive in the array thats throwing a SMART error and once my data finishes moving over a