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  1. @Leoyzen: Thank you for all of your tips here. I've used your KVM settings from github and some of your EFI configuration with success, but I'm now encountering the Navi reset bug. I really appreciate your attempts to better understand how OS X is behaving under virtualization. I know that you're mostly focused on UnRaid, but I'm trying to set this all up on Ubuntu 20.04 with the 5.4 kernel. You've done a great job of tracking down other issues around Hackintosh/OpenCore/QEMU/KVM, so I'm wondering if you have deeper thoughts on the reset bug. I don't get any errors about VFIO being unable to reset the device like some of the other reports--do I need to enable some QEMU logging to see those messages? I do occasionally see this: [ 2963.732284] vfio-pci 0000:4d:00.1: Refused to change power state, currently in D0 The weirdest thing to me is the inconsistency: Sometimes I'm able to boot OS X and it works fine and then I can shut down and that too works fine and leaves the device in an okay state. Other times I can boot fine but then on shutdown the device hangs and I have to force it off which leaves the PCI config corrupted and results in a 127 error on attempting to reboot the guest. Other times the device boots fine in terms of the 127 error, but then it seems to hang and display a black screen instead of the login screen (similar to what happened before I set agdpmod=pikera). Is all of this due to the same reset bug or are there multiple things going on?