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  1. I've posted about this a few times but had no response and still struggling with it. I am seeding over 1000 torrents to a few private trackers and have had my Unraid running for 30+ days now and have barely uploaded more than a couple hundred MB. Whereas my PC on the same network has uploaded far more, despite only being on a few times a day. I've port forwarded the listening port to my router and it still seems to make no difference, and as far as I can tell is still not 'connectable' in the way private trackers require. Can anyone please advise on where I
  2. Thanks for that response! I think it will take me a while to take it all in and I'll definitely be giving it several reads to try and put it all together in my head. I guess the big question overall is am I putting myself at any abnormal risk trying to set this up? The worst thing I'd want is to leave gaping holes in my security. I'm assuming OpenVPN and Nextcloud respectively have their own defenses, but I'm just looking for some reassurance. Again, I really appreciate the time you took to respond to me.
  3. Hi guys, I've been watching SpaceInvaderOne videos like a convert the last few days and tried following along, but anything beyond his initial guides really stumps a massive noob like me. I'm struggling to figure out what are the different use cases for VPNs versus reverse proxies for certain tasks, and whether I am leaving myself vulnerable to attack on my server? So far today I set up an OpenVPN, which I managed to get working. I followed that up by setting up a Nextcloud server to auto-backup my phones photos, however I wanted to be able to back up when not on my hom
  4. Hi all, I'm having a slight issue with uploading on my Unraid using Qbittorrent. I seem to be getting very, very small amounts of data uploaded to various trackers - whereas an identical setup on my PC far outperforms my server. As an experiment I set up the exact same torrents seeding on my PC and the same on Unraid (around 900 each to a single private tracker), made all the settings the same etc, and the client on my PC uploads waaaay more than the Unraid client does. I find it particularly annoying as my Unraid is on 24/7 while my PC is only on a few hours ago, but s
  5. Is there a way of checking whether you are connectable to trackers through the docker? Every time I open https://canyouseeme.org/ through my PC it just looks at the IP address of my computer and not my Unraid server so I don't know how to check it. My Unraid server isn't connected to a screen and its a bit of a hassle taking it out and getting it set up just for checking if I am connectable. Side issue: Im seeing 900+ torrents and hardly getting any upload ratio at all..