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  1. Hi guys, I'm getting desperate here... I followed the YT tutorial on how to make a BigSur VM. I'm having two problems. 1. The noVNC doesn't pick up my mouse input at all. Keyboard works. 2. Using the keyboard I start the install as in the instruction, but it hangs on the Apple logo and there is no loading bar. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to rescue some files from a HD drive extracted from a MacMini. The drive is now plugged in via one of those USB - SATA cradles, unRAID sees it among the unassigned devices but I'm not managing to mount the apfs partition where all the files are. How would I go about that? Is it at all possible? You can see the snapshot in the unassigned devices here:
  3. Thanks a lot! I finally got around doing this and now it works. However, the wake-on-LAN still doesn't work, although I followed all the steps of the guide on the unraid wiki... I am really running out of ideas here and I desperately need it to work...
  4. Here it is. Thanks in advance! jarvis-diagnostics-20210303-1705.zip
  5. Hey all! I bought a LogiLink PCIe NIC to add to my server since the on board one doesn't support WoL and I kinda need it badly. The card is detected in BIOS and in unRAID (has two ports, therefore identifies as eth1 and eth2 next to the on board eth0) and when I plug in the cable the lights on both the card and the switch light up to confirm gigabit connection. However, on the GUI in that case all three network interfaces are shown as "interface down". I tried with both ports and got the same result. The eth0 is working normally when plugged in. When I do ifconfig I get only eth0 (showing no connection) also when the cable is plugged into the PCIe NIC. I feel like I am getting stuck on something simple but I can't figure out what... Any ideas? Thanks a lot for the help! Cheers!
  6. Hi all! I recently set up my unRAID (Gigabyte Aorus B450 M, Ryzen 2600, 16GB RAM, 4x4TB WD Red, GT710). I started going down spaceinvaderone videos and setting things up. My sleep routine works well, I set up some other plugins now as well. I followed the guide from the Wiki for setting up WOL (https://wiki.unraid.net/Setup_Sleep_(S3)_and_Wake_on_Lan_(WOL)) but I can't seem to make it work, no matter what I try. The packets are being received when the server is booted, however the wakeup is not going through. All the power saving stuff in BIOS is switched off, wake on LAN is on. The server as well as the clients from which I am trying to send the WOL command are all on wired network. I read through a bunch of entries here and other places, so it might be relevant to say that I don't see the network card activity when the server is in sleep (no lamps blinking on the RJ45 slot on the mobo, no lamps on the network switch). Does anyone have an idea where I can go next in the troubleshooting attempts? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi all! I'm planning a build for my home use NAS based on unRAID. I don't intend to run plex, VMs or anything like that in the foreseeable future. I basically want a safe storage with parity where I can store personal things. I went with unRAID because of huge community and support, as well as the possibility to add more drives to the array later as necessary. Currently, I plan to have 4 Seagate IronWolf 4TB drives (3 storage 1 parity) and expand later as the storage requirements grow beyond that. Here is my parts list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/mm24TC I'd appreciate it if someone could give me a heads-up if there's something radically wrong with this setup and suggest changes. Down the line I might drop in this the Ryzen 5 2600 that I have in my main PC when I decide to upgrade it. Thanks in advance and cheers!