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  1. got it. thx. so i'd need to upgrade my parity drive then to run larger data drives
  2. oh so data drives can only be as big as the smallest parity drive? if i'm understanding correctly?
  3. i'm using a 12tb drive as a parity drive right now. that makes 12tb the max drive size i can add to the array. if i add a 2nd parity drive at 18tb - then that means i can add 18tb drives to my array? thx i'm currently running 12tb - parity 3tb 12tb 8tb and have 12 trays open
  4. i am running BTRFS - i don't know where you would turn copy-on-write to no? where is this option? i did more research and i did all the smb editing on my macOS and unraid that i could find. it has improved. i'm up to 102GB now. I did turn off the signing. i have no idea what helped? maybe all of it? i tried all the suggestions i could find online and they did seem to help. at this rate i should be backed up in a few days which is acceptable for a 500gb initial backup. hopefully subsequent backups will be much quicker.
  5. i did this command here. i'm up to 31GB now. idk if it worked or helped at all but that's where i'm at
  6. yes that's what i did. i'm using private security. i'm up to 11gb now.
  7. so i had the problem with catalina not seeing the TM share. I edited the smb.servce file but that gave me the share isn't capable error. so i did the 2nd thing in that thread and created the timemachine.service and that worked! i'm able to select the time machine share and started a backup BUT..... it's been 24 hours and i've only copied 10GB out of 500GB. this will take almost 2 months to do a full backup? i've tried a few things i read about to speed it up like changing the capital letters or whatever to yes. that didn't improve anything. i've tried deleti
  8. i changed it to 45631 but it says connection refused?
  9. idk, but now it's saying it's not compatible w my unraid? Author:eroz DockerHub:eroz/airvideo Repository:Repository Categories:MediaServer:Video This application is not compatible with your version of Unraid
  10. I'm having trouble getting this to work too. I installed airvideo server with CA - I entered the paths. then I go to my Apple TV and add connection manually and its refused. I'm not sure which IP to use as it's showing 2? I tried both and one is refused and the other times out?
  11. I've been using airvideo server on my mac for a couple years now. just got an unraid box. i installed airvideoserver on unraid. i configured the docker and start it. i go into airvideo hd on my apple tv and try to manually add the IP and port and it won't connect. it times out. what am i doing wrong? any help would be appreciated.
  12. i did install unassigned devices plugin. that was in my first sentence. well i only have macs with no ethernet ports lol. i'm going to have to buy a usb ethernet adapter to move all this data. i can't get the unassigned devices plugin to work.
  13. I'm new to unraid. Just got it today. I got the unassigned devices plugin installed and I'm trying to copy files from an 8tb exfat usb external drive to my array. when i plug in my drive, it sees it. i rename it something simple like - 8TB - and turn on share and hit mount. it's able to mount a folder called EFI but the sde2 that i need mounted won't mount and it stays grey instead of turning orange and saying unmount. this is a empty drive so i can format it or do whatever. i tried getting krusader going but couldn't figure it out. i just want to drag and drop in macOS