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  1. With your wish for the MB, you could use pcpartpicker website to find the right one, with value for money.. I use it as it shows many filters for selection...
  2. Hi, one question: 3400G is "quiet" energy eater, 65w. Really need so much fans ? Did you try some test w/o less fans ? Interessting by the 2nd chamber btw 😃
  3. Hi, Thanks for your post ! I have to say that I read everything, and it really reflect my xp, as I started as you did Covid + server "ambition" + testing OMV first, and finally unraid, adopted ! I have a smaller config as yours, but you pov on "recent movie" on the SSD is a good one, as I'm experencing that every day almost, 2/3 of my disks are spun up... for nothing... thanks for this testimonial !
  4. Hi there, My Unraid server (very simple one, 3disks in array + partity + 1 cache disk) is up 24/7. Possibly, I won't connect to it during days... I checked my system log, and observed each time that every night disks are spindown (so I guess spinup before). Is there any reason ? I would expect that without "request" from myself, disks should stay asleep... except for system action (once a week ?) How may I found what is acting on disks ?