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  1. @Sycotix It's fixed - all I did was delete the users_database.yml let Authelia recreate the file. I edited the new file with new credentials and its back up normal now.
  2. Kinda looks like it has something to do with the static username file interacting with the db.
  3. Hey Sycotix, I updated the docker with the new container uploaded to CA - I am now getting some strange database panic. Have you seen this before? panic: Invalid schema of database: Users.MYUSERNAME.DisplayName: non zero value required Prior to the update the container was functioning proper.
  4. This was super helpful. I have it functioning now! I had to edit the letsencrypt /config/nginx/autheila-server.conf and the autheila-location.conf to recognize the subdomain and not the folder. I setup DUO as well - on the "Free Trial" account, was able to get setup on the DUO dashboard, and send the 2fA. (No idea what occurs when the 30 days are up on the trial)
  5. Thanks for the reply and your suggestions. With regards to your issue can you confirm: - After authenticating, are you able to hit (either manually or with the redirect): Currently - before making any conf adjustments. From outside of my LAN I am able to resolve '' when I complete the TOTP it forwards me to a wordpress I have setup as the That is the expected route as '' is set as default_redirection_url: in my configuration.conf. When I resolve it only prompts me with the sonarr browser popup login window. On some further research the current Letsencrypt 'authelia-server.conf' and has the location set for a subfolder. location ^~ /authelia { include /config/nginx/proxy.conf; resolver valid=30s; set $upstream_authelia authelia; proxy_pass http://$upstream_authelia:9091; On another note - did DUO recently change from "free" to "free trial" for less than X amount of licenses? I have not been able to successfully register for the '"Free Trial" - Do you have that authentication method working?
  6. Hi Sycotix! Really cool container thank you for building it. This is my first forum post. I pulled down the container from CA and configured it following the directions best I could. I have proper DNS resolution on the container, resolves and I am able to get the google authenicator to function. On my mobile I receive the google auth code, input the code and container accepts the key and completes the request forwarding me to the default_redirection_url: I am on a lets encrypt container not NPM, and I have been struggling to enable Authelia to work with my forward facing subdomain In the configuration.yml file on the Access Control List this is what I have. rules: # Rules applied to 'admins' group - domain: "*" subject: - "group:admins" policy: two_factor In the letsencrypt container there are 3 files I believe I need. /config/nginx/authelia-location.conf /config/nginx/authelia-server.conf /config/nginx/authelia.subdomain.conf (this is currently working as i have defined "auth" as the subdomain) I am sure there is something important that I am missing, it feels like i'm so close!