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  1. It may be useful to share diagnostics to allow for better support (unRAID > Tools > Diagnostics) You have to be very unlucky to have had 2 bad drives like that. It's worth checking other things at this point. How are you running preclear and which version it is? Is this new drive connected to the same storage controller as existing drives? Tried a different cable/port? Side note: what's the specific model number of the drive? Unlikely to be cause of issue, but if this is a newly purchased drive, I think most recommend the CMR drives (WD Red Plus/Pro) and
  2. I'm setting up another unRAID server and am observing a confusing error message when attempting to purchase a key. I see the options on /buy with my correct GUID displayed at the top. However, selecting to buy any of the license options will show popup error messages for "Unable to update cart" and "Email is not a valid email address". I don't believe I've entered an email address anywhere on this server yet, or any time during this process. I've tried various steps and can't find a way to proceed. Could it be because of my existing account and s
  3. Thanks @uldise & @JorgeB -- you've shared some very helpful information and insights. I'm one click away from starting the array, but: I noticed my cache drive was showing unassigned and after assigning the correct drive, it shows blue as a new device. I can't understand why; it's definitely the same drive. The only 250GB device. I presume there won't be any harm in just assigning it as cache (?) and firing it up. You can see the same drive serial number listed under Historical Devices -- a section I've not seen before. Something to do with moving the ca
  4. I am now on the latest (2.3a), but I haven't noticed any different PCI behavior. I can get into the BIOS now and reviewed some related settings. unRAID can show it: Tools > System Profiler Thanks for sharing your cards and for the link -- I already had the whole zip downloaded That's exactly what I'm experiencing. The two cards I have seem to only work in the bottom slot, which I believe is the only PCH slot on this board, and I've now overwhelmed it with a 6 port SATA card. My existing Syba 4 port won't have a place in this server (for now).
  5. Thanks a lot for chiming in! Tools > System Profiler shows my BIOS as Version: 2.0a, Release Date: 09/17/2012. It's not the latest (2.3a is) and I'm a little conflicted at the moment because of my findings regarding the Supermicro Y2K21 bug (see my OP if this is new to you)... According to this, this and, in particular, these two posts, 2.0a is not affected by the bug, which only affects 2.1 - 2.3 🤷‍♂️ However, I can confirm that I experience the blue screen with AB error upon entering setup. @uldise could you do me a massive favour and tell me what BIOS
  6. Okay, you finally convinced me to try it on the only slot I hadn't already tried (because it was occupied by my existing card). I can report that 4 drives are showing up on the new card when it's in slot #4. Do BIOS' tend to have a per-slot enable/disable option? I can't remember.
  7. Thanks, JorgeB! Diagnostics zip added to OP ^ Apologies for not including that in the first place -- doh! FYI - this is okay, because I have plugged in one of the new 8TB drives into a mobo port that I've currently disconnected (to get back to stable/known config). By the way, my reasons for moving some of the cables into other ports was to try and spread the disk i/o load across different interfaces in the hope that I can preclear 2x 8TB drives at the same time, that little bit quicker. I'm hoping that logic is plausible 😃 I used to have all 6 mobo ports oc
  8. Hi there! unRAID user since ~2012 here 👋 I'm going through a bit of a storage upgrade and am a bit puzzled with what next steps to take. Here's my build: unRAID 6.8.3 Supermicro X9SCM-iiF Intel® Core i3-3220 16GB RAM (using all 4 slots) Corsair HX650 PSU 8x WD RED 2TB - 6 connected to motherboard, 2 connected to PCIe SATA card 1x 250 GB cache drive - connected to PCIe SATA card Syba SI-PEX40064 PCIe SATA card (in bottom slot which is PCIe 2.0) I've recently purchased 3x WD 8TB drives to replace my single parity drive a
  9. Omid

    WD RED Spin down?

    So, Western Digital RED drives are optimised for NAS systems. This may be more of a poll and I understand that each person's usage of their NAS is different, but... Ultimately, we all want hard drives to last longer. With that in mind, I'm interested to hear what people think. I've got 6x 2TB WD REDs in my unRAID at the moment; set to 4 hours (no special reason). Thanks! I always struggle when searching for topics on this drive, because some refer to it by its longer name. I'm going to throw down some keywords here to make it easier to stumble upon this thread: wester
  10. Went ahead and did rm -rv /mnt/user/Movies Then went to Shares on SimpleFeatures. Clicked Movies. It was still saying it's not empty, but I cleared the share name and hit apply. All done Thanks, again. Omid.
  11. Thanks, Joe. ls -ltrah shows nothing (just ./ and ../) So I should delete the share folder itself? I thought unRAID would do that when I delete the share through UI (?). Anything else I need to do? I'm certain Movies is empty. Really weird.
  12. Okay, looks like it's the same issue described here: Little worried deleting it through CLI. I could just delete /mnt/user/Movies (and make sure it's gone from /mnt/disk1), but is that all I need to do? Does unRAID not need to know of the change? Any updates config? share.cfg?
  13. I created my first Share to get a feel for things. Dropped in 3 files and experimented with all the good stuff - streaming, share permissions, SMB, AFP etc. Pretty cool . Problem: Play time is over and I'm now struggling to delete the share which looks very empty to me. I first deleted all 'normal' files out of the share using MacBook (via AFP), then disconnected AFP and made sure nothing else is connected to unRAID (SMB/NFS). ssh'ed into unRAID and went to /mnt/user/Movies As expected, I saw a few hidden files (.AppleDouble, .AppleDesktop, .DS_Store) and proceeded to rm the