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  1. Hi everyone! I am using Wireguard with remote tunneled access to route traffic from all my devices out to the wider internet. The problem is that at some point over the last few months the speed on this traffic has absolutely tanked. I am not entirely sure when, as I was living off grid on a tethered cellular data connection for the last 6 months, which would almost certainly have been the bottleneck from Jan - June. Now however I am back on broadband and the issue is very noticeable as being Wireguard related. For example, a speedtest on a V
  2. Enjoyed the content, but the volume levels across each guest speaker could have done with being normalised: Made for a painful experience having to ride the volume dial to avoid being deafened vs straining to hear.
  3. Absolutely loving how smoothly everything has gone so far! All drives pre-cleared and parity build now in progress. Thankfully it is only 1TB parity, so estimated at 3 hours 🙂
  4. Thank you for the word of caution! I didn’t realise the pool drives were being used like that, I thought all parity data was on the dedicated parity drive so that’s an eye opener 🙃 They will all be put through their paces before being put to use. The important data has both a local and off-site backup I plan to maintain should disaster strike.
  5. Hi all, I am looking for feedback on a first time build from those much wiser in these matters! Background: I have a lot of older 3.5" HDDs that get retired from various sources and go on to gather dust in a drawer. I would like to bring them back into active service. The goals of the build are: Get the old HDDs back online as a NAS, storing films and photos Run a Windows 10 VM daily driver Adobe Lightroom photo processing would take place here Potentially some lightweight gaming down the line too, so IOMMU is a consideration. I