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  1. Hi, just testing out paperless-ng, but I am having some issues with getting it to pick-up from the consume folder. I get the following error from the logs: Error while consuming document: Error -5 connecting to ip:6379. No address associated with hostname. Sorry I am a n00b with this, but do I need to set something else up? I managed to get the old paperless up and running, but needed two instances as per instructions. Does paperless-ng need something similar?
  2. Updated to Q35 .... and problem remains, bummer But I did try a GTX 1070 from another machine and it performed perfectly, so for now I will keep the 1070 in there and see if the 1080 might need a flash or something. In GPU-Z it reports 0 RPM fan speed even though the fan speed are going off their tree with the 1080, and the with the 1070 it reports the accurate speeds and spins down gracefully, so looks like a sensor issue with the 1080. I'll try a flash over the weekend, but looks like either a specific device incompatability, bios issue or sensor issue. At least with the 1070 it is quiet so I can work :-) Thanks for the suggestions, and it even feels like the Q35 change is actually snappier in performance???
  3. Thanks so much. Yep have tried to adjust the fan curve via MSI afterburner with no success. But I am running i440fx, so I will set up a new template to try that, thanks so much, I'll give that a try now. Cheers
  4. Hi everyone, I have only just started using Unraid and so far love it, I have come from a windows Hyper-V environment and for my home lab unraid makes everything so much easier. I have VM's with GPU passthrough working fine (both Pop_OS and Windows), but have one final thing that I need to iron out, as it is driving me mad and have spent hours searching and trying different things The issue is GPU fan speed, everything starts off great, fans are off or minimal rotation, but then as the load picks up, and the fans do as well, then when the gpu load drops the fan speed does not, so I can have a 0% gpu load and the fans spinning their heads off. Once I stop the VM, the fans return to normal. I can replicate this in both Windows and Linux, and get the issue 100% of the time. I am using and passing through a TechPowerUp BIOS that has been edited in line with SpaceInvaderOne's video and other than the fan control, everything else works fine My setup: Ryzen 3900x ASUS Strix Gaming-F x570 Motherboard Gigabyte GTX 1080 GPU 64GB RAM I have attached diagnostic files. Thanks in advance, this is the only thing remaining that will make this a perfect experience tower-diagnostics-20200710-0142.zip