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  1. Thanks, this makes sense, but I've watched the original tutorial a few times now and been searching for anything on how to configure "clover platform data", and not found anything yet. Any links or more hints you could give ? I understand the binary somehow needs to be modified with a program ? Or is it just changing the custom text at the end of xml file ?
  2. Thanks for the quick reply... Yes I have normal permisions on the unraid side... it turns out there is something wrong with how nemo and thunar file browser display or map the nobody:users permisions when browsing shares. On krusador, or Dolphine they appear fine, so I don't understand the problem, but I don't think its unraid.
  3. I've install this quite a few times now... but still can't either create a new apple id, or use an existing one... I get errors that I've either 1) when I try and create a new id, that "This mac has been used to create too many new Apple IDs" or 2) when I try to login either it tell's me before even any phone verification that my account limit has been reached, or this time just once, and I thought it was going to work, it allowed me the sms verification, and then told me that "My account limit has been reached". Logged into the web page with the same account I had 0 and then this new mac computer that I'm trying to login registered as the only computer. I'm very confused :), new to mac, if anyone has any suggestions ? Is it connected with this special key which can't be pasted here on the forum ? I used the default values created by the docker container. Thanks
  4. I'm 6 days into testing free trial, loving it so far etc etc... however 1 problem with samba. On an Manjaro vm when I browse smb shares the user/group of all shares and then files are owned by root/root. In a Ubuntu 20 vm they have ? as owner. This is probably an issue with Manjaro, but I trying to locate where this mapping of id's is done ? If I mount on command line with mount -t cifs uid= and gid=, then the permissions are obviously set correctly. Any help, thanks.