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  1. This worked!! I will make a post here which plugin was causing this when i found out which plugin was doing this My hardware is pretty new (the new intel generation), so could this be a compatibility issue?
  2. Hey thanks for your reply but I am not sure if changing the OS is a good idea, since I had massive problems of running unraid in the stable release (driver issues: I think my network driver was not recognized in the stable branch) Weirdly I am not able to choose a different release since it is somehow stuck on the next relese. ( I can't select the stable) Maybe a complete reinstall will do it, what do you think?
  3. just the normal path I believe? /mnt/cache/appdata I've seen that it is not available in the samba shares though. But now the folder flash is available which was not before.
  4. Hey Guys, I am currently using the latest unraid next release and I am not sure what happened. After a recent reboot I mentioned that all my shares are missing in Unraid and I am not sure why. Except when I am booting in safe mode. Then the shares are available. Also docker states that the service is not available as well as the vms. Is this some kind of misconfiguration? Thanks in advance!! tower-diagnostics-20200719-1821.zip
  5. Hey johnnie.black, This was the solution! Thank you very much both of you for the fast help
  6. Hey Guys I am trying to get Unraid to work on my new build. After a pretty rough start to get it boot (I had to enable the uefi boot option with the usb creator tool) I am now stuck because Unraid does not get a IP. I've read through different topics here but no solution does work. If I am changing the bonding option in the network configuration, the machine is getting a 169 adress. Also recreating the config file does not work I have included the diagnostics file. Maybe some of you guys know what I am doing wrong. Thank you in advance!! tower-diagnostics-2020