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  1. Also, when ripping a CD, Ripper ejects the disc with a single file (no extension) that is zero bytes. This file appears both in the Ripper/CD/mp3/[artist] and Ripper/CD/flac/[artist] folder that ripper created. However, there's no actual audio files. Thanks again. *** Init system aborted. *** Killing all processes... *** Running /etc/my_init.d/ Found settings.conf. Replacing beta key file. 22.08.2020 17:55:40 : Starting Ripper. Optical Discs will be detected and ripped within 60 seconds. rm: cannot remove '*.tmp': No such file or directory 22.08.2020 17:55:41 : Disc still loading rm: cannot remove '*.tmp': No such file or directory 22.08.2020 17:56:43 : CD detected: Saving MP3 and FLAC 22.08.2020 18:06:31 : Done! Ejecting Disk
  2. Is there a way to have Ripper utilize an Nvidia GPU for DVD/BluRay encoding? Has anybody attempted NVIDIA_DRIVER_CAPABILITIES=all + NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=GPUID ? Or is this not the function of MakeMKV and would require the Nvidia enabled Handbrake to take advantage of the GPU? Thanks.