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  1. Not without much more info. A log would be a great starting point.
  2. For me it is working. AFAIK there appear to be issues if the app cannot read your mac address. No idea why it would not run on your end. Mine is working right now, but I have not relogged in for a few years.
  3. Let me know, if you find out what caused this.
  4. I am afraid "eject" will not work from within docker for your external drive. You need to find an alternative and replace the eject command in ripper.sh
  5. Please make sure you have read the readme. https://github.com/rix1337/docker-ripper/blob/master/README.md#makemkv-needs-an-update I have just triggered a build that should update to the latest release.
  6. I will only support ripit. You can however modify ripper.sh to your liking. A pending PR will switch the ripit backend to musicbrainz, so no reason to move to another tool afaik.
  7. Ensure you do the initial setup exactly as described here. https://github.com/rix1337/docker-gphotos-sync Your error messages indicate you either did not pass through the config dir as described or did not provide the secrets as required. Also ensure you run the command with the correct options.
  8. if there is an official way, it should be mentioned on the project page: https://github.com/gilesknap/gphotos-sync if not, you need to run two separate instances of this container with different names and config folders. this should essentially result in two different containers where you can log into each of your accounts seperately.
  9. Afaik this is something only ripit can fix. If there is another tool that can be included instead of ripit I will consider migrating over. What I'd need is the tools name and how it needs to be called.
  10. For me too, have just tested it. Enjoy the container!
  11. Sure: #!/bin/bash docker exec GooglePhotosSync gphotos-sync /storage but it does not seem to work (running the command outside user scripts does!). I will try to add a cron entry through container variables, so everyone can set this up by themselves.
  12. Run makemkvcon -r --cache=1 info disc:9999 | grep DRV:0 inside the container. This will help you modify ripper.sh accordingly.
  13. Due to inactivity on my side and no further time to support this I have now removed Synclounge from my repos.
  14. Have you tried just passing through /dev/sr1 as /dev/sr1 and modifying the ripper.sh for your second container to point to /dev/sr1 ? That should work. Have just one optical drive, hence I cannot test this.
  15. Hey guys. I am doing fine and am hereby back again. The last few weeks have made me aware of what matters most. I will stop supporting tools that I do not use my own and have since removed the following repos, images and their respective templates. From this day forth I will only be able to help you with RSScrawler Ripper GoogleMusicManager MyJDApi