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  1. Hi bonienl, I have switched to a modded DS380 case which fixed the airflow mostly. One issue remains. When moving a lot of files or during parity checks drive temp goes way above 40°C. Most of the time running my fans at 600rpm keeps cpu and drives below 35°C and is super silent, but i need to automatically turn up fan speed when drive temps are rising. Sadly the autofan plugin works not as I would want it to: - my mainboard has 2x 3-pin fan headers available (one cpu, one case fan) - the 2x array fans are connected to the secondary fan header - when settin
  2. Thanks for the Info, I have updated the Readme accordingly so others dont have to struggle.
  3. Then you should add the line pointing it to /usr/local/bin/ccextractor. I have also updated the Readme to reflect this. I have since fixed the template. sr0 should now be passed through as a device by default. Thanks for the heads up. Also please consider donating at https://github.com/sponsors/rix1337 if you are a regular user of this image.
  4. Latest image includes ccextractor v.0.88 Let me know if something needs to be changed. jlesage's image includes a line in the settings.conf that guides to the binary. https://github.com/jlesage/docker-makemkv/blob/master/rootfs/defaults/settings.conf app_ccextractor = "/usr/bin/ccextractor" Please try without changing settings.conf first.
  5. Maybe this builds: https://github.com/rix1337/docker-ripper/commit/b51467766ca0288955c5ed4e5fb9520e0815c37e You are welcome to send a pull request.
  6. Are you trying to get subtitles from a dvd/bluray? ccextractor is not currently part of this image.
  7. I tried but did not manage to. You could try to fix this inside ripper.sh yourself. Send me a pull request once you are done!
  8. Hi, I have tried to set up the epicgames-freegames container in combination with an nginx reverse proxy at /epicgames. That does not work however. Any hints how to set up a subfolder?
  9. I do not own two optical disk devices. From what others have reported, this should work though.
  10. I do like this. Did I set this up right? https://github.com/rix1337/docker-templates/blob/master/rix1337/ca_profile.xml
  11. Sure, I am also interested in a fix. Please let me know if you find a modification that I can then place in ripper.sh for all users. Haven't come across this error and google does not yield anything useful as well. If you find a reason I'll try to fix this, if you solve it yourself please let us know so I can improve the docker image. Thanks for yor posts and sorry I cannot help with solving the issues you have come across.
  12. Thats reasonable. Ill look into adding some jre.
  13. Are you sure you are posting in the right Thread? My ripper uses ripit for audio cds. cdparanoia is AFAIK not part of the script/image.
  14. Video encoding is out of scope of this project. Please look elsewhere.