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  1. Hi, dumb question but how can i create a User and Password or what are the standard credentials?
  2. Hi, is gpu de/encoding working with this docker? I got a 10th Gen GPU and transcoding in Emby and Plex is working but i doesnt work for me in this docker. CPU DE/Encoding is working
  3. My solution was: Build a Ubuntu Server VM, pass trough your shares or use multiple USB Harddrives on the PS3. Or change the OS
  4. Hi, i got a problem with the PS3NETSERV Docker. Sorry my explanation is dumb All the Games showing up on the PS3 but no Game is mounting or starting. With a Windows PS3NETSERV everything worked fine. Is there a log file for looking whats wrong?
  5. thank you very much! The Go file with a string was the problem! Problem solved!
  6. Thx for reply and yes after your question i found a old ssh config file and i delete them. Atm i cannot reboot my system for a test if this work.
  7. Hi, i test the latest version 6.9.0-beta24 of unRaid and i cannot login with my root account. Webui is working fine. The stable worked without any Problems. If you need more Informations please ask.
  8. Hi @all, i use the openvpn Client with NordVPN. This works fine but how can i route to the internal IP from outside? Or how can i use the client for a specific Ip/Docker?
  9. Hi @all, how can i root a specific ip with a nordVPN ovp file? I got set my jDownloader Docker to a specific IP but how can i edit my ovpn file to route only this ip? or what a file must i edit?
  10. @all Use the Nginx Proxy Manager for a easy connect to the unraid ui with ssl
  11. thanks alot it works! sorry for waste your time it was so stupid
  12. I hope this what you looking for. My Browser is Google Chrome This Screenshot is the log for jdownloader from the unRaid Ui