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  1. i disabled the pass through to the controller and enable it again and now everything is working again. Thanks.
  2. If the disk controller is passed true then something has changed. I am passing the ssd and a control for my optical drive. I will try to disable the controller.
  3. Two weeks ago I started having problems with my system. First it reported errors on Disk 01, and disable it. I tested the disk and could not find anything wrong with the disk. I put it back in the system and led it do its thing. when it was don i had lost all my vm´s. I created a new vm and directed it to the right ssd and my vm wear back. Today I tried with my second vm to a norther ssd, it created it fine but fail to launch. and then the errors started on all my hdd and disabled one drive. I ran Unraid 6.9.0 and update it to 6.9.2 but still the same problem. Have any of you tried