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  1. @binhexAny luck yet coming up with ideas or am I just shit out of luck?
  2. I want to be able to route web based traffic through this VPN from outside of my network. I will lock this down via my firewall to only allow traffic from a specific IP address so as to not open up a security nightmare. I also don't want to run more than one VPN. I use this for a multitude of things and it works flawlessly for everything I want except this one task but this one task is very important. Isn't there something that can just be done on my side to allow this?
  3. @binhex Any luck! I want to keep using this but without a way to pass traffic thru to it from the Internet it is not going to work for me. I'd appreciate any additional insight you might have.
  4. @binhex Were you able to take a further look at this and provide any additional ideas?
  5. I tried what you said and the port still shows as closed from the Internet. To give you some background this will NOT be wide-open to the Internet. I will be locking this down to a specific IP range from my firewall. The firewall shows that the request is coming in from the Internet but the UnRaid server is not responding to the request (see below). I read through the entire config file and I just don't see a spot in Privoxy that would be stopping this once that listen-address is set. It seems like something within the way UnRaid is setup is restricting it. I'm just not sure though. I don't know enough about Linux to know one way or another. I do understand networking though and I'm 100% sure my network is passing the traffic to the UnRaid server:port and it isn't responding. Do you have any other suggestions?
  6. This has been posted for over a week now. Is anyone able to provide some insight into this please?
  7. So I have followed the FAQ Question #2 directions from on enabling Privoxy outside the LAN but I still cannot seem to get Privoxy to respond from the Internet. I have created a firewall rule on my firewall to allow port 8118 to go to my internal port 8118 on the UnRaid server. The firewall shows traffic coming in but Privoxy is NOT responding to the requests coming in to use it as the proxy server. If I use this from any other LAN device and point it to the IP of my Privoxy server and port it works flawlessly. Is this FAQ possibly outdated and something has changed that I'm unaware of? Any assistance getting this working from OUTSIDE my LAN would be greatly appreciated. Using UnRAID 6.9.2
  8. Honestly not sure to be honest. A very specific use case based tutorial that is pretty dumbed down maybe? I would suspect that most people who start using UNRAID are not linux experts so therefore this concept is likely over their head. So this is how I set mine up after the mover completed. I also setup my mover to schedule a move operation at 3:30AM once a week on a Wednesday.
  9. Understood. I posted mine before reading yours. I understand now. Thank you very very much for all your help. Makes perfect sense to me now.
  10. Thank you for the clarification. I'm no linux expert so it just takes me a bit of time to wrap my head around how all this works under the hood. So the best practice here would just be to leave the downloads folder set to NO for cache drive usage then? Otherwise I will just keep running into this issue.
  11. So I set that to yes on both those shares and invoked the mover and it is indeed moving the files. So in the future if I don't want this to happen I should turn of the downloads share to NO for using the cache otherwise I'm just going to have to do this if I move from downloads to other shares? Or is there a better approach?
  12. I never had the cache setting for TV Shows set to anything but NO. The qbittorent docker downloads torrents into downloads and then I moved them from the downloads to the tv shows or movies shares and they seem to STAY on the cache even though those two folders were never setup to be on the cache. And the reason the downloads share is set to that is I was trying different settings to determine if the MOVER would take any action. As far as manually moving from disk to disk I guess I don't know how to do that. I was using binhex krusader to move from share to share and I just assumed that it would move from cache to the array if the share I was moving to was not part of the array. So if I set Tv Shows to YES and Movies to YES the files in cache will go from the cache to the array if I invoke the mover? That logically doesn't make sense to me.
  13. I already have that turned on. I have attached my diagnostics file.
  14. I just checked and I DO NOT have that plugin installed.