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  1. Hi @Sycotix, Unfortunately I have never played with the CA XML either. Where was you trying to add the URL to. For the config path unfortunately it wasn't there and I had to add it my self. Looking at your xml it is missing the config section at the bottom. It should have something like <Config Name="AppData Config Path" Target="/config" Default="/mnt/user/appdata/authelia" Mode="rw" Description="Container Path: /config" Type="Path" Display="always" Required="true" Mask="false">/mnt/user/appdata/authelia</Config> Looking at the following guide a
  2. Hi, First can I say thanks Sycotix for adding this to CA. A couple of notes it might be worth putting a link to your github guide in the CA text as it can easily be missed, second the template seems to be missing the /config path. Again thanks for posting this, it makes it much easier to get it added to unraid. Thanks INGY