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  1. Thanks for the help @JorgeB Just wanted to update the thread to say I've completed the rebuild and everything seems to be back in normal working order (seems faster too, which I guess can be attributed to the fact I'm now using a better SATA controller). Dan
  2. @JorgeB Despite the output (in my last post) from running the filesystem check (in Maintenance mode, on Disk 1), I mounted /dev/md1 in read-only and had a look what's on there. As I understand, that's the emulated stuff. There's no lost & found folder, and I have looked in some of the folders and the contents look okay... So I am confused - is it corrupted or not? How should I proceed? Thanks Dan
  3. This is the output I got - seems pretty bad at a glance Phase 1 - find and verify superblock... Phase 2 - using internal log - zero log... - scan filesystem freespace and inode maps... Metadata corruption detected at 0x43c5c8, xfs_bnobt block 0x18584c88/0x1000 btree block 0/51054993 is suspect, error -117 bad magic # 0x41423343 in btbno block 0/51054993 block (2,357721-357721) multiply claimed by bno space tree, state - 2 block (2,5117848-5117848) multiply claimed by bno space tree, state - 2 out-of-order bno btree record 9 (5117446 2) block 2/1 block (2,5340030-534
  4. What's a good way to do that? Disk 1, 2, and 3 are all used for the same share, which is also the only share on those drives. With that in mind, I don't think it's as easy as making sure that share has content. It's a nice big 10TB share as well, so I won't be able to check absolutely everything. Do I need to start the array to check it's mounting OK or is there a more suitable process, e.g. maybe using unassigned devices or terminal? Thanks
  5. @JorgeB I have moved house since my last post - unfortunately, during the move, something must have happened and my BIOS lost all of its settings - my CMOS battery must be low. In addition, once I restored my BIOS settings, it was no longer cleanly booting from the flash drive. I was trying to boot into GUI mode because the network has changed and thus my static IP wouldn't have allowed me to manage unraid remotely. I was seeing stack traces / call traces in the terminal and the GUI environment never loaded. Unable to find an explanation, I put the flash drive in my lapto
  6. Thanks @JorgeB - I'm going to go ahead and order the one on eBay. Little bit more waiting for delivery but that's okay. Thanks for all your help so far. Dan
  7. I haven't no. To be honest I am always a bit sceptical of ebay, but I will have a look there to see if I can't find a better price. £100-ish isn't too bad though, I thought. - EDIT - Okay so I found this listing on ebay, much cheaper and already in IT mode. At this price I would be tempted to buy two - initially in case one kills itself but eventually for more drives... The only issue I have with it, is the card has a different PCB layout to the one I found on Amazon, so I am not sure if it's truly the same? It mentions unraid in the listing though...
  8. Ok thanks - and just to clarify on that point, the flashing can be done by a consumer, or do I need to make sure I buy one that is already flashed to IT mode? Dan - EDIT - Think I answered my own question - I found this page which details the procedure, albeit it relates to freenas but I suspect that isn't important.
  9. Thanks, ok so based off your recommendations on the thread you linked, I've picked out this one on Amazon which doesn't break the bank too much and I can get it delivered tomorrow. I'm pretty sure it's one you've said will be ok but can you please confirm before I purchase? Thank you - in the meantime I will leave the server alone. It's powered on but the array is stopped. I can wait. Dan
  10. Ok, rebooted the server and stopped the array as soon as I was able, now Disk 2 and 3 have returned to normal. Disk 1 still has the red X and says it's disabled, and emulated. Attached are new diags from this point. With regards to the controller, do I understand correctly that it should be okay with just 2 drives attached, or should I be looking to replace that as a matter of urgency? Thanks Dan
  11. Right, first off, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I have been very busy lately. Thanks for the suggestions. I replaced the SATA data cable for disk1, and at the same time, moved its connector from a motherboard SATA port onto my PCIe SATA controller. At this time I noticed disk 2 and 3 had also started getting errors (as shown by the errors column on the main tab). Given the number of errors I believe they must have started occurring before I moved disk1 but I am not sure on that point. I stopped the array, and at this point I can now see disk 1, 2, and 3 are
  12. Current diagnostics (after rebooting and now getting Unmountable error)
  13. Hello, I woke up this morning to find that all my shares in Unraid had vanished, despite the data drives all being mounted with data available (lots of data, it's impossible for me to know if it was ALL there or not). I found an older thread which suggested it was a known Kernel / 'FUSE' issue and that rebooting should fix it. After rebooting my server (gracefully mind you, I obviously did not just kill the power), the shares have all returned however now in the Main tab, Disk 1 shows "Unmountable: No file system". I am a bit confused what this actually means - I hav
  14. I have managed to get my GTX 1650 working once again. Unfortunately I don't know exactly what the fix was but on the off-chance someone else has issues where their card WAS working, but seemingly permanently broken after loading GUI mode (broken in the sense that the plugin couldn't detect it, at least), then here's what my final actions were before it started working again: 1. I powered down the server, with a clean shutdown. 2. I turned off the Power Supply, and waited for lights on the motherboard to fade. <-- This is the first time I did this. I tried restarting and shu